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341Fwd: Media Guide to Skepticism published

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  • Eric Krieg
    Mar 12, 2013
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       here is the museum of scientifically proven paranormal claims:

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      From: Doubtful News
      Date: Mar 12, 2013 8:25:23 PM
      Subject: Media Guide to Skepticism published
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      Friends and fellow Skeptics:

      As the editor and creator of Doubtful News, the critical thinking newsblog, I'm pleased to announce the completion of the Media Guide to Skepticism. Available here: 

      This original document was created for the purpose of providing a clear, easy-to-read guide about the “Skeptical” viewpoint as subscribed to by many who might call themselves Skeptics or critical thinkers. The goal was to explain the difference between practical Skepticism and those that say, “I’m skeptical.” It also clarifies the confusion about "skeptics" versus "denialists" and "truthers" as well as other misconceptions.

      This was a collaborative effort of many people with experience in skeptical activism, education and critical thinking. A draft was published in February for public comment for one month. All comments were considered and significant revisions were made to the original.

      The document is licensed through Creative Commons for reproduction with proper attribution. Please use it as you see fit, republish it, and pass it on. It is handy for distribution to your local skeptic group, to give to reporters, and to explain to your friends and family what Skepticism is and why it's important.

      I'm very happy with how it turned out. My hope is that it will be endorsed by the major Skeptics' organizations and serve as a helpful touchstone for how to address extraordinary claims. Contact me via email with any additional comments or questions. 

      Sharon Hill, Editor
      Doubtful News
      Twitter: @doubtfulnews