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315skeptical - nww report from NIST rips appart 911 conspiracy theory

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  • eric Krieg
    Aug 30, 2006
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      People,  Krieg's rule of crack pot theories goes:  "you can no longer have a big event without a conspiracy theory rise up to confuse it"
      The following events in recent history have big conspiracy theories shadowing them:  the shuttle disaster, both Bush elections, the Iraq war, 911, Lady Di's death, the Tsunami, the Katrina disaster.
      The technical rational explanation of how the buildings came down is found at:  
      This article is from the EE Times:
      NIST refutes 9/11 conspiracy theories

      George Leopold Print This StorySend As EmailReprints EE Times
      (08/30/2006 1:31 PM EDT)