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313Re: skeptical - debate about including religion in skepticism

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  • RRRR
    Jul 14, 2006
      Eric Krieg wrote:

      > The local skeptics group I am in, PhACT (like most
      > small local groups) takes the position that it is
      > perhaps politically more expedient ot focus
      > on "here and now" claims like dowsing or astrology
      > that can be directly tested than esoteric questions
      > like the existence of God.

      There is a distinction to be made between religion and
      belief in God. One can believe in God, but not as he
      is described in any religion. Some brilliant minds
      (such as Einstein and Beethoven) have had such
      beliefs. One should also take note that such
      believers generally acknowledge that it is a *belief*,
      which leaves open the possibility that the belief
      might be incorrect, unlike those who, lemming-like,
      adhere to religious dogma.

      Astrology and dowsing cannot stand the test of logic.
      Neither can religion.

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