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Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat

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  • R Singh
    Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat Chudasma & Rana, Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006
      Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma == Disaster For Modi + Gujarat

      Chudasma & Rana,

      Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed the rehabilitation work when Rajat made great efforts to prove Medha obstructed the RR program confirms his lies and mischief. An old lady who could not save her house and office from the hired goondas, was projected as dreaded tigress which terrorized Gujaratis for 20 years.

      I wonder at the poor intelligence level of paid agents of Gujarat government who could offer following nonsense only on getting the right package. Because have they nothing to write about Narmada except nonsense.

      People of Gujarat had been fooled since 1961 when Pt. Nehru inaugurated Dam on Narmada, over 45 years down the line there is very little water flowing in to Gujarat. Modi government had to hire goondas elements to mail non-sense. The money invested so far on Narmada projects is much more than FDI in Gujarat. Yet there is very little use of Narmada waters in Gujarat.

      Medha Patkar alone has been able to pluck the nose Modi’s and his goonda company for 20 years.

      Mr. Chudasama and Mr. Rana even Ram’s banvas lasted 12 years, Medha has been able to keep the Gujarati “Coward Force” at length for 20 years already and rendered Gujaratis impotent for 20 years.

      Let me tell you the day Uma Bharti, BJPs rebel tigress from MP is introduced to Narmada Water Diversion To Ken, Betwa, Chambal, Sone and Tapi Rivers, Gujarat will get little or no water from Narmada. Gujarat will not be able to repair these giant structures.

      Uma will cut the nose of Gujaratis and shave the heads of big leaders, so the real fight for Narmada is yet to begin.

      The day Medha and Uma join hands, Gujaratis will have their virtual tails between their legs.

      I write freely with independent mind. You are in the habit of raising your tail before any who throws bits of “roti”.

      Let Rajat Sharma reply to my message and charge sheet.

      My honest advise to people of Gujarat is that they can’t enjoy “Chori Ka Pani” for long. Adopt the principle “Apna Haath Jaganath”.

      Don’t sell you self so cheaply.

      Ravinder Singh

      "M. B. Chudasama" humpanch@...
      Date: Tue May 9, 2006 6:25am(PDT)
      Subject: Re: Rajat Sharma, You Disappointed People Of India.

      Dear friends,

      This will be another shock to all those . . . just washing their dirty linen in flowing river water . . . BEHATI GANGA (Ya NADI-Narmada here) MEI HATHH DHONEKO NIKAL PADE HAI ... so many to cook their bread . . . some expert . . some River Singh . . or some so called Whistle Blower . . (or PIPUDI blower ) . . Satyam Shivam Sunderam . . . one side beauty other side ugly . . may be innocent and honest . .may be cheatings . . . other ugly face is not known now . . may be when will know . .will be too late to revert . .I am not an agent of Rajat Sharma or his India TV but India TV is the only channel which had shown some exclusive reports which other channel never tried for it. Narmada Bachao Andalon (NBA) is putting their best efforts to stop the construction of dam by taking the issue of rehabilitation of the people but India TV is the only channel which shown that how Megha Patkar and her activist tried to stop and even damaged the house which government built for
      them and threatened the
      villagers also for not supporting the government. This is the real picture of NBA which INDIA TV shown and it is the only channel who comes out with news. INDIA TV is again very fast in showing how Idol of lord Krishna was demolished in Afghanistan. They also come up with live bhajan from ISCON temple-Afghanistan. When all other channel is busy glorifying act of pseudo secularists, Rajat Sharma showed how serious he is in TV reporting

      jai hind . . . Mahendrasinh Chudasama

      --- In skdubeyFoundation@yahoogroups.com, "osis_02" <osis_02@...>

      Bhaad main gaya NBA!

      Read my messege on the same subject matter on jai hind group. This guy fiversingh had nothing to do and only day dremer. each day wasting time by posting so many messeges on almost every group this Madhu, fiversingh and many there are sab ek hi jaamaat ke hey. jab tak 10-12 messege post nai karenge kisi group par ya apne knowledge ko pradharshit nai karenge tab tak unlogon ko chain nai padta hey. chahey koi bhi subject ho.aaise logon ki chanch chalti hi rahti hey. subah subah main apne bivi bachho ka munh bhi nai dekhte
      hogne aur sidhe yahoo group mai jumping on any matter.

      Ab is river singh ko hi lo!Why i said him a day dreamer ? read his title " Rajat Sharma, you Disappointed people of India!

      Lo ab india ke 60% logo ko inida ke prime minister ka naam b pata nai hoga aur yeh bol raha hey ki rajat sharma ne pure india ke logon ko disappointed kar diya ? are rajat sharma ke programme ki baat baad main aati hey rajat sharma kaa nam b india main keval kuch 3-4% logon suna hoga. kisi ko nai padi hey rajat sharma ya use ke programme ki.has he any login how rajat had disappointed whole india. aab main aasie logon ko day dreamer na kahu to kya aur kya kahu ? if not believing me ? ask some of 10-20 peopole around you, have they seen the programe of rajat sharma ?

      r. singh ko pet main isliye dukh raha hey ki rajat ne uske mail ko dust bin main daal diye so ye mahashay chale hey ab pure india ke naam par apni roti pakane. SHAME SHAME !

      Agar R. singh ne aisah likha hota ki rajat sharm disapointed R.Singh then i won't mind for his posting.

      Also people of Gujarat too don't care of ANY NBA FNBA. aaise to bahoot mendhak aa jaate hey dranw dranw kare huve.

      Pahle paagal log keval paagal khane main hi dikhte they aab to aaisa laga raha hey sabhi paagal various yahoo group main ekatthey ho rahe hey. ek paapad ko todne ki taakat hoti nai aur NBA and bade bade dream le le kar aa jaate hey govt ko advice dene.

      Thanks and regards
      Mahendra Rana

      P.s. Just a request. Now please no more bakwaas against gujarat!

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