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BIBLIOGRAPHY #2: How to Use the Seals

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  • doctormojo
    1. Aima (Elinor Mary Person), PERFUME OILS, CANDLES, SEALS, AND INCENSE. (Foibles Publications, no date, probably 1970s?) The best book about how to
    Message 1 of 205 , Mar 19, 2001
      1. "Aima" (Elinor Mary Person), PERFUME OILS,
      CANDLES, SEALS, AND INCENSE. (Foibles Publications, no
      date, probably 1970s?)<br><br>The best book about how
      to work with the seals. Includes suggestions for
      type and color candle and anointing oil to use with
      each seal for particular purposes. If you only acquire
      one<br>book on the subject apart from the text itself, make
      it this one! Possibly still available from occult
      shops and mail order houses. Try The Cloverhorn Company
      in Washington DC, Indio Products in Los Angeles, or
      the Lucky Mojo Curio Company.<br><br><br>2. "Anna
      Riva", SECRETS OF MAGICAL SEALS. (Toluca Lake, CA:
      International Imports, 1975, reprint 1983)<br><br>Not as good
      as 1 above. Identifies each seal and its traditional
      name and use.<br><br><br>3. "Anna Riva" VOODOO
      HANDBOOK OF CULT SECRETS. How to use herbs, roots, oils,
      powders, stones, etc. (North Hollywood, CA: International
      Imports, 1970)<br><br>Not as good as either 1 or 2 above,
      but useful as additional reference in conjunction
      with 1.<br><br><br>4. "Anna Riva", THE MODERN
      WITCHCRAFT SPELLBOOK. Spells and Ritials for Every Purpose.
      (Toluca Lake, CA: International Imports,
      1972)<br><br>Many of the spells make use of the seals, but not
      indexed to the seals. <br><br><br>5. "Anna Riva",
      Explained and their Secret Powers Revealed. (North
      Hollywood, CA: International Imports, 1977)<br><br>The
      chapter on Conjure Bags lists examples of which seals can
      be used in which kinds of bags for which
      purpose.<br><br><br>6. William Alexander Oribello, THE SEALED MAGICAL
      BOOK OF MOSES. Ancient Secrets of Moses' Power, Now
      Revealed for the Benefit of Mystic Students in the New
      Age. (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Inner Light,
      1986)<br><br>Definitely well worth acquiring and reading, but needs to be
      understood as a personal magical perspective by another
      magician working with the book and its seals and the
      magical legend and lore surrounding it. Not a substitute
      for developing one's own personal magical perspective
      on the book in the course of working with it. What I
      like about this one: (1) draws connection between the
      Tarot and the Book of Thoth in the Moses legends,
      (2)creative use of the Seal of Orion as the base upon which
      the other seals are anointed. What I don't like about
      it: (1) a bit too sanctimonious and dogmatic for my
      personal taste, and (2) only deals with a small portion of
      the seals.<br><br>7. Dr. Rasheed Mohammed, M.A.,
      MOSES<br>(Brooklyn, New York: Fulton Religious Supply, 1978. Reprint
      of original edition published Bombay, India, date
      unknown).<br><br>Actually, this is a short (45 pages) compendium of rubrics
      and instructions drawn without attribution from the
      Key of Solomon and other grimoires. My guess is that
      it may represent materials the author used in his
      own personal magical experiments to supplement the
      often fragmentary technical instructions given in the
      6th & 7th Books of Moses itself. Out of print, may be
      acquired as a curio if you run across a copy available
      inexpensively. Of some interest are the two curious seals given
      as figures 40 and 41, which I have not seen in any
      other grimoire to date. TRIVIA NOTE: Cassiel's
      ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BLACK MAGIC confuses this book with the actual
      6th & 7th Books of Moses in it's rather derogatory
      section "Lost Books of Moses".
    • hexxyx3
      Hello Zaramad, Thankyou for responding to my inquiry. How are the oils at Panpipes??I m on their mailing list but I ve never been to the store.One place
      Message 205 of 205 , Feb 27, 2002
        Hello Zaramad,<br>Thankyou for responding to my
        inquiry.<br>How are the oils at Panpipes??I'm on their mailing
        list but I've never been to the store.One place I've
        shopped at for years is Eye of the Cat.They have a good
        selection of herbs.I know Indio very well.They have the
        best prices.<br> Thanks again,<br> Hexxy
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