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Re: [Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses] Re: Where ARE Group Members???

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    _mesarthim@hotmail.com_ (mailto:mesarthim@hotmail.com) writes: It s something I ve been wondering myself - no action since I ve joined Same for me, but if
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2005
      _mesarthim@..._ (mailto:mesarthim@...) writes:

      It's something I've been wondering myself - no action since I've joined

      Same for me, but if you read the achieves, this person(s)
      who started this group seems to be seeking information on this
      pseudo-Kabballistic book and doesn't really have anything to input. I don't mean that bad,
      because I have started many e-lists in hopes of helping me search an occult
      I joined the list to learn if Pow-Wow practitioners used the
      balance of the book or just the Psalms. I know Hoodoo practitioners can buy the
      seals that come in a little black bag for ritual use.
      Most Kabballists do not take this book seriously, actually many
      researched Hoodoo workers do not either. However, I think that all books
      like the Holy Bible are not Holy Writs per se, as much as a culmination or
      repository of how much energy has gone into them.

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