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3BIBLIOGRAPHY #1: Editions of The Text

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  • doctormojo
    Mar 19, 2001
      Not to worry folks, no need to buy or read them
      all. In fact only a couple of these editions are even
      available anymore. This is just to give an idea of some of
      the editions the book has gone through over the
      years.<br><br>1. Original German Edition:<br><br>DAS SECHSTE UND
      SIEBENTE BUCH MOSIS<br>Abt. 6 in "Bibliotek der
      Zauber-Geheimniss und Offenbarungs-Bucher", edited by J. Scheible
      (Stuttgart, 1849)<br><br><br>2. First English
      Edition:<br><br>THE SIXTH AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES,<br>that is:
      Moses' magical spirit-art, together with the wonderful
      arts of the old wise Hebrews, taken from the Mosaic
      books of the Cabala and the Talmud, for the good of
      mankind. Translated from the German, word for word,
      according to old writings, with numerous engravings.
      (Elizabethville, Pennsylvania: Victor Printing Company,
      1880)<br><br><br>2. The deLaurence Edition:<br><br>THE SIXTH AND
      SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES: The Mystery of All Mysteries.
      (Chicago: L.W. deLaurence & Co., 1910. Reprinted many
      times.)<br><br>This edition is my personal favorite. Nicely bound
      hardcover with decent illustrations of the seals. Sadly, it
      seems to have finally gone out of print within the last
      decade.<br><br><br>3. The Egyptian Publishing Edition:<br><br>THE SIXTH
      AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES,<br>or, Moses' Magical
      Spirit-Art Chicago: Egyptian Publishing Company, 1900.
      Reprinted 1972 by Health Research Press, Mokelumne Hill, CA
      and 1997 by Kessinger Publishing, LLC, Kila,
      MT)<br><br>This edition featured a 15-page appendix on
      "Astrological Influence upon Man and Magical Cures of the Old
      Hebrews" excerpted from a 19th century German work on the
      subject, and not found in any of the other English
      editions to my knowledge. Original Egyptian Publishing Co.
      edition now long out of print and quite scarce. The
      Health Research reprint is a poor quality spiral-bound
      photocopy, but worth acquiring for the appendix, although it
      too appears to have since gone out of print. I have
      not personally seen the Kessinger reprint, but it is
      currently available from both the publisher
      (www.kessinger-publishing.com) and Amazon.com.<br><br><br>4. The Lady Dale
      Edition:<br><br>THE SIXTH AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES, Complete
      Edition by Lady Dale (Philadelphia: Lady Dale's Curio
      Shop. No date given, probably
      1980s?)<br><br>Inexpensive ($3.00), slightly enlarged (and therefore more
      easily read), offset reproduction of deLaurence edition.
      Probably out of print by now.<br><br><br>5. The
      Gonzalez-Wippler Edition:<br><br>THE NEW REVISED SIXTH AND SEVENTH
      edited by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler (Bronx, New York:
      Original Publications, 1982)<br><br>A disappointment in
      most respects. The editor added no information beyond
      a brief 2-page preface and a few "editor's notes"
      of limited value, and abridged the section on "The
      Magic of The Israelites". On the positive side, she did
      repaginate so the seals appear on the same page as they are
      described. Images of the seals reproduced extremely poorly
      in the 1982 edition, somewhat better in more recent
      reprints. Widely available, but not recommended except as
      an adjunct to more complete editions.<br><br><br>6.
      The Paul Tice Edition:<br><br>THE 6TH AND 7TH BOOKS
      OF MOSES, with an Introduction by Paul Tice.
      (Escondido, CA: Book Tree, 1999)<br><br>I just found out
      about this one from Amazon.com today. Probably the most
      recent edition to date, but I have not seen it and
      cannot vouch for its completeness ot the quality of
      reproduction of the seals. Available direct from the publisher
      (www.thebooktree.com), Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble online. If anyone
      in the club should acquire this one, please post and
      tell us about it!
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