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  • doctormojo
    Mar 15, 2001
      This club is for the sharing and exchange of
      information, both theoretical and practical, concerning the
      magical grimoire called The 6th & 7th Books of
      Moses.<br><br>The links section contains links to two online
      versions of the book, along with a list of the seals and
      their uses in Hoodoo folk-magic and root work, and an
      archived Usenet thread with some interesting information
      on the book's origins, courtesy of The Lucky Mojo
      Curio Company (no relation, affiliation, or other
      connection with ole' Doc here) and their *absolutely
      fabulous* esoteric archives. (Don't just take Doc's word
      for it, check 'em out at www.luckymojo.com! Best
      source of Hoodoo information on the 'net!).<br><br>I
      hope to post more information and a list of
      recommended reading in the next week or so as time
      permits.<br><br>Best wishes to all,<br><br>Doc Mojo
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