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Sivananda Day-to-Day (54)

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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:47:25 -0600 (CST) From: KANAGARATNAM To: pkanagar@rsl.ukans.edu Subject: Sivananda Day-to-Day (54) Om Namo
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      Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:47:25 -0600 (CST)
      From: KANAGARATNAM <pannir@...>
      To: pkanagar@...
      Subject: Sivananda Day-to-Day (54)

      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


      We have uploaded Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj's essay on the
      Vedas at

      This is the first of several essays written by the Master on
      Hindu scriptures.

      Yours in the service of Gurudev,



      ATTACHMENT: An elderly man was staying in the Ashram as a
      Vanaprastha (recluse). One day he got a telegram that his
      eldest daughter was seriously ill. He approached the Master
      and said, "Swamiji, I have just received news that my eldest
      daughter is seriously ailing. I want to go and see her."

      "Many daughters are ill in Berlin," said the Master smilingly;
      and after a pause and silent survey of the old man's
      countenance, added, "But you don't want to go to Berlin."

      The old man could not understand the significance. The Master
      explained, "Just as this girl whom you call your daughter is
      suffering, there are thousands of girls suffering in every part
      of the world. You are not worried about them. But you are
      worried this particular girl's illness. Why? It is because
      you identify yourself with the body and feel, 'I am her father,
      she is my daughter.' This is ignorance, this is infatuation."

      "Yes, Swamiji, I have attachment," admitted the man.

      "It is attachment that causes birth and death," rejoined the


      "Commune with the Indweller (God) through meditation and
      heartfelt prayer. Lay bare the troubles of your heart to Him.
      He will instil in you spiritual strength and Wisdom." - Swami

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