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New Year Message

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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Let Divinity Be The Keynote by Sri Swami Chidanandaji Radiant Atman! Sadhakas! Mumukshus! Jijnasus! Devotees of the Lord! Lovers of righteousness! Soon you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2009
      Let Divinity Be The Keynote
      by Sri Swami Chidanandaji

      Radiant Atman! Sadhakas! Mumukshus! Jijnasus!
      Devotees of the Lord! Lovers of righteousness! Soon
      you will enter into a gift of 365 virgin days in
      which you can sow the seed of a harvest of peace,
      bliss, Illumination and divine perfection. It is
      yours to do as you wish. The New Year is like a book
      with all the pages unwritten and blank for you to
      enter into it anything that you want to write. You
      may write it in letters of gold if you wish and make
      it a thing of beauty.

      Try to make an evaluation of what you have been
      throughout the year that has gone by. Have you
      grasped each day and made a gainful step upward and
      Godward towards your Destiny? Have you converted
      experiences that you encounter into things of
      increased wisdom and greater inner strength? And in
      the light of this evaluation, have you been better
      equipped to move towards this great new wondrous gift
      of God-one more year of 365 virgin days? Each day is
      filled with twenty-four golden hours, each set with
      sixty diamond minutes-precious, invaluable, beyond
      compare. They are yours to be utilised and filled
      with divinity, love, compassion, wisdom, spiritual
      aspiration, sincere sadhana. You can do all these
      things and more to enrich yourself.

      Let the New Year lift you up higher on the scale of
      spiritual evolution. Let it be a year to prove that
      God's gift to you has not been in vain. Let it be a
      year to prove yourself worthy of this great gift of
      human status. God speed you towards this onward
      ascent, towards that pinnacle point of God-
      experience, of Satchidananda Consciousness, of
      Illumination and Enlightenment. This is my sincere
      prayer at the feet of Almighty, and at the feet of
      beloved and worshipful Guru Maharaj, who has brought
      into us this great awareness that we are inherently

      You are related to the Cosmic Divinity. You have come
      here to attain that Divinity. May we move forward
      with a new strength, a new spirit and a new
      determination, focussing entirely upon the Goal and
      the Goal alone, making our entire life a total
      integrated movement towards the supreme consummation!
      May we progress towards the Goal each hour, minute
      and second to unfold and express our Divinity! May
      divinity be our keynote! Let us try to express and
      manifest this divinity every moment. May all the
      powers at our command be directed towards this one
      ideal of making our inner truth, our essential
      nature, our true identity! Live in such a way that
      you may emerge out as a shining, radiantly divine,
      perfect and liberated soul.


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    • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
      The Supreme Need of the Hour: Love New Year s Message 1st January, 1950. By Sri Swami Sivananda Is there a man whose heart will shed tears of blood at the
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 31 3:05 PM
        The Supreme Need of the Hour: Love

        New Year's Message 1st January, 1950.

        By Sri Swami Sivananda

        Is there a man whose heart will shed tears of blood at
        the misery of even the meanest of God's creation? It
        is in his heart--be sure--that the Lord dwells.

        O Man! Years have come and gone! You are yet the same
        old brute, the same abode of the same old cruel heart
        which grabs and does not give. Renounce, serve, love!
        Become good this very minute!

        What have you learnt from the terrible tragedy which
        shook the country from end to end? Would you still
        lean back in your cushioned lounge and ignore the
        misery of the poor, of the downtrodden, of the
        ignorant masses, merely philosophising: "It is their
        lot, it is their own Karma?" Have you not seen that in
        the twinkling of an eye the rich man becomes penniless
        and the pauper becomes a millionaire?

        Come, plunge into selfless service. Serve all. Love
        all. See your God in all. Renounce every penny that
        you have in the service of the poor, in the
        regeneration of the fallen. Rush to the aid of the
        Lord that walks on the road with his begging bowl.
        Hasten to the aid of the hapless and the helpless sick
        and relieve their suffering. Greet the half-naked,
        poverty-stricken God-in-human-form with a smile,
        reverence and sympathy. Clothe the naked. Feed the
        poor. Educate the illiterate. Nurse the sick. Raise
        the downtrodden. Give of your best in their service.

        Shame upon the perpetrators of violence, the Asuras in
        human garb who massacre innocent men and women!
        Gandhiji lived, loved and died for the sake of the
        establishment of Ahimsa in the human heart. His life's
        toil should not go in vain. It is a crime to allow it
        to be neglected as mere ideology. The immortal glory
        that Gandhiji achieved can be achieved by every one,
        if only one is prepared to pay the price in the form
        of loss of personal gains.

        God has sent His messengers again and again to teach
        humanity Divine love. To make this Message of Love
        more prominent, He sends wars, famines, riots and
        pestilences! Love shines sharply in contrast. Yet, how
        long does it take for man to understand the Message of

        It is not yet too late. O children of God! This
        beastly nature is only an outward covering. Your
        essential nature is Divine. Under the influence of
        this ignorance-Anaesthesia you commit all sorts of
        crimes. Your real nature is Purity, Wisdom and
        Godliness. Come, wake up! Wait not for calamities to
        put into your heart the wisdom which is available to
        you in the life and teachings of the Sages of India!
        Wake up at once, realise the folly of worshipping
        Mammon and the glory of serving God.

        Worship God not only in the temples and shrines, not
        only in places of pilgrimage; but in every one you see
        around you, in the poorest of the poor, in the
        lowliest of the low, in the downtrodden, illiterate
        masses, in the sick and the suffering. See the lord in
        them and love them, express this love in the form of
        service. This alone will make each one of you a real
        MAN, nay, a Superman, or a Divine Personality!

        It is the One Self or the One God alone that pervades
        every atom of creation. If but every morning this
        forms your first thought: "My own self it is that
        pervades the universe", you will realise that it is
        you yourself that suffer through every suffering man!
        You will then become utterly unselfish and share with
        the needy what you have and thus bring about a new and
        glorious Age of Peace, Plenty and Prosperity.

        All religious and spiritual organisations, social
        service leagues and humanitarian institutions, should
        convert themselves into Sevashrams for the
        amelioration of the conditions of the poor--the
        masses. Every one who can afford to, should contribute
        his mite to these institutions and see that the poor
        are raised to a normal standard of living.
        Individually, every one should sympathise with, and
        comfort, every man in distress, every man in need, and
        rest not till he has been provided for. This is the
        greatest service. It is only when the heart thus
        expands that the Lord will be enshrined in it.

        It is when every Indian heart is brimming with this
        universal love that Mother India will assume the
        motherhood of all nations of the earth and guide her
        children in all parts of the world to limitless

        Let us all hail the New Year with a heart of Love! Let
        us melt our differences and unite! Let our heart melt
        at human suffering! May all be united! May all attain
        God-consciousness in this very year! May there be
        peace, amity, plenty and prosperity everywhere! May
        His blessings be upon you all!

        URL: http://www.dlshq.org/discourse/jan2010.htm

        "Vows for the New Year" by Sri Swami Krishnananda:
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