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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya! Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya! Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya! Namaste! We have uploaded a couple of early morning meditation
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2003
      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


      We have uploaded a couple of early morning meditation talks by Sri
      Swami Atmaswarupanandaji Maharaj. They are:

      "Freedom from Experiences"


      "Abide in the Light"

      Yours in the service of Gurudev,



      SADHAKA WEEK FEAST: Srimathi Sudarshan was in a complaining mood. The
      Sadhana Week did not satisfy her entirely, for she heard more of talks
      and discourses than of Kirtan and Bhajan. She was good at composing
      songs. In the afternoon she quickly composed her song of complaint: "O
      aspirants, please ask Swamiji why he has not chosen to entertain us
      with his sweet and melodious Kirtan Dhwanis!"

      The Master stood up on the platform after the drama at night was over.
      Sudarshan asked for this Kirtan and that song.

      "Ohji, all these are stale now!" the Master said.

      "No, Swamiji, to us they can never become stale," came Sudarshan's

      "All right then."

      He gushed forth his favourite songs one by one and Sudarshan was
      visibly moved by his mercy and Grace. The Master sang the "Song of
      Ities" and explained the meaning. He sent the audience to heavenly
      mirth when, in the middle of the song, he stopped and said, "I have
      forgotten the rest of the song!" and then translated this remark into
      all languages in the same tune as the song itself! Soon he recollected
      the entire song and continued to sing.

      The Master then turned to one of his favourites:
      Chidanand Chidanand Chidananda Hum
      Har Halme Almast Satchidananda Hum.

      The meaning of the song is: "I am knowledge and bliss; in all
      conditions I am knowledge-bliss Absolute".

      "This is the greatest tonic in the world," said the Master. "In
      whatever condition you find yourself, sing this song and realise its
      power to revitalise you, to rejuvenate you. You need not resort to the
      monkey-gland graft if you know this song! You will save on doctors'
      bills also."

      Next came the "Song of Govinda":
      The goal of life, Govinda,
      Is God-realisation, Govinda;
      Attain this, Govinda,
      Through Jap and Kirtan, Govinda,
      Through Mantra-writing, Govinda.

      Suddenly the Master turned to Sudarshan and asked, "You have heard this
      song many times. You are fond of it also. But have you ever thought of
      doing what I am telling you now? You never write the Mantra."

      "From today I shall do so, Swamiji."

      "And send me the Mantra note-books regularly." He then continued the

      The Master had not been feeling well for the past several weeks. Yet he
      continued the programme till one in the morning. He thus demonstrated
      the efficacy of the "Song of Chidanand".

      He sang a Punjabi song, then a Tamil composition of his own, and then a
      Telugu poem. Finally, he started a two-party Kirtan. The ladies sang,
      "Radhe Radhe Shyam Bolo", and the men, "Sita Sita Ram Bolo."

      Now it was the Master's turn to get dissatisfied!

      "No, no, this is no good! There is no life in that corner. All big
      officers, and shy to do Kirtan! Now sing again. Let me see who wins--
      ladies or gentlemen."

      This infused a new spirit in all and the sky was rent with the Dhwanis!

      "That is fine--the ladies have won! They have all the natural, godly
      tendencies. They deserve to win. They are nearer God than men. Their
      nature is loving. They are fit for the path of Bhakti. They can realise
      God through Bhakti even quicker than men can. The only snag with them
      is their attachment to their children!"


      "As long as your wandering mind moves externally towards objects, you
      cannot come face to face with God." - Swami Sivananda

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