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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya! Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya! Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya! Namaste! I am sure by now you must have heard about the tragic
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2001
      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


      I am sure by now you must have heard about the tragic events that took
      place in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Thousands of people
      are undergoing untold suffering. Let us all offer the Maha Mrityunjaya
      Mantra to the Lord for the peace of all those who have been affected.

      Om tryambakam yajamahe
      sugandhim pushtivardhanam
      uurvarukamiva bandhanaan
      mrityor mukshiya maamritaat.


      We worship the three-eyed One (Lord Siva) Who is fragrant and Who
      nourishes well all beings; may He liberate us from death for the sake of
      immortality even as the cucumber is severed from its bondage (to the

      An audio version of this chant by Sri Swami Satchidanandaji is at:

      We have uploaded two articles by Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.
      They contain advice to the person leading the life of a celibate and to
      the householder. These articles are at:

      Many of Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj's books have now been made
      available in compressed zip files. Please visit Sri Swamiji's site to
      download them:

      Yours in the service of Gurudev,



      TACTFULLY TAUGHT: Three thoroughly Westernised Indians walked into the
      office. They had brought with them a basketful of fruit, but folding the
      palms and bowing the heads in reverence to the Master was unknown to

      The Master himself welcomed them with folded palms, "You are coming
      from... ?

      "Yes, Swamiji."

      "You talk Tamil like a Mangalorian," said the Master.

      "Maybe you are right. We have been living away from our own province for
      quite a long time now and so have almost forgotten our mother tongue."

      The accent, diction and delivery of English were chaste!

      The Master asked Vishnu Swamiji to bring tea and fruit.

      "Oh! Do not bother," said one of the young ladies.

      The Master initiated a mild discussion on the accents, education,
      languages and tour of countries.

      "We are just coming from Dehra Dun. We went to see a relative of ours.
      Accidentally we dropped in at a school there and to our astonishment
      found that the principal was one of our cousins. Our family is so large;
      in fact wherever we go we find we have a cousin."

      "You might claim me as a cousin also!" The Master gave a hearty laugh as
      he said this.

      "The whole world consists of your cousins. All are your cousins only. We
      are all children of the same God."

      The young lady looked up, somewhat taken aback at this remark.

      The Master discovered that the elder lady was doing some social service
      through an organisation.

      "Please give me your prospectus. You see, many young girls come to me
      for advice. For instance, yesterday a young girl from Dehra Dun came to
      me with her mother. She wanted to prosecute her studies in America, to
      get foreign degrees and become a lecturer in philosophy. She does not
      wish to marry. She is of a pushing nature, of very good demeanour and
      character, but the mother, who is conservative, stands in her way. She
      is impatient. In such cases I thought that if there was a good women's
      organisation, it might take charge of girls like these and look after
      them till they are able to stand on their own feet. If the girl is sent
      to America she will be very useful to the country, too. And such an
      organisation for women should also build an Ashram for them. At present
      there are no suitable Ashrams exclusively for ladies. This is a great

      The gentleman was gradually drawn out of himself, and when the Master
      found a little latent desire to learn about Yoga, he at once aroused it.

      "Yoga does not mean that you should run away from home. Real
      renunciation means renunciation of the ego and desires. We must have
      spiritually educated men and women in this land. This education of arts
      and sciences will take you nowhere. You see, I have started the Forest
      University here. Yoga, Vedanta, Karma, Bhakti and Hatha Yoga are all
      taught here. But very few people would want to join this university for
      some considerable time to come. At the moment it is run on a modest
      scale because the young men of the present time are very eager to become
      I. C. S. officers.

      "What is there in this I. C. S.? Only slavery. You should desire to
      become free. This can only be achieved through the practice of Yoga. You
      should try to learn the Gita, Upanishads and other scriptures."

      "But, Swamiji, we are unable to understand even the fundamentals of
      these scriptures."

      "For your sake only have I written their essence in simple books in the
      form of short poems. The essence of all philosophies is contained in the
      Gita. What you do not find in the Gita, you will not find anywhere else.
      It is a universal scripture for all times.

      "You should practise Sadhana. Only when you are young can you do all
      this. After sixty or seventy, when all the senses have worn out, you
      will want God. When you can hear nothing, you will thirst for Bhagavatha
      Katha. When the eyesight has failed, you will want to look at good
      pictures of the Lord and to go to temples. Now is the time. Do not lose
      this opportunity."

      Turning to the elder lady, the Master said, "Social service is very good
      but unless it has a spiritual background it will not satisfy your soul.
      Even after a hundred years of social service you will feel dissatisfied.
      Practice of Yoga will make you perfect and give you the key to convert
      all social service into divine service."

      The Master then asked Radha to sing some English songs. He presented
      them with copies of his books and pamphlets and the spiritual diary.

      While they were leaving after seeing the Ashram, the Master bowed and
      said, "Do come again and stay here for some time. I will teach you how
      to sing all these songs. I will also teach you Asanas and Pranayama."

      Now they actually prostrated to the Master before taking their leave!


      "Why is Yoga so necessary for us? It tells us where we stand, and the
      answer to the 'why' of a thing comes from the system of Yoga. While
      science can tell you how things work it cannot tell you why things work
      in the way they work. The 'why' is a difficult thing for us to
      comprehend and answer, but Yoga has the answer. If we are thinking in a
      particular pattern say, in the three-dimensional pattern in thinking to
      which we are all shackled, unfortunately for us, it is because we are
      planted in a world of space, time and causal relationships. We are now
      placing our feet on an almost forbidden land, not accessible to science
      and not visible to the naked eye of the human individual." - Swami

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