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Message from Dr. Anil Suchak of DLS Mumbai regarding Gujarati Earthquake

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    All Gurudev s Life, He Lived Thinking Of Others: In What Way Can I be of Benefit, in What Way can I Serve? That was Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj till the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2001
      "All Gurudev's Life, He Lived Thinking Of Others: In What Way Can I be
      of Benefit, in What Way can I Serve? That was Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji
      Maharaj till the Very Last Days." - Swami Chidananda

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      Om Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!

      5th March 2001

      Radiant Divinities,

      Do you remember those terrifying moments, when your house was rocked?
      When your chest pounded so hard and the throat dried up? How did it
      feel? What were your thoughts during those few seconds when the tremors
      occurred? It seemed as if, everything would end here, is not it? Aren't
      you lucky to be alive and well? But there are others who aren't so

      In just a few momentsÂ… their lives have changed permanently. We are not
      speaking about the dead, but the living [dead], who wish that they had
      perished in that quick, decisive act of Mother Nature. Their families
      are dead, their entire lives' possessions, achievements and aspirations
      have been washed off in seconds. There is little to look forward to in
      life, for them. Many of them feel that their survival is not a miracle
      but a curse; it would have been better to die. There are no tears left
      in their eyes. Most of them are in such a daze, they are unable to come
      to terms with the horrible earthquake that rocked their lives and
      snatched away their beloved family members. What they have experienced
      will be indelibly imprinted in their hearts and minds for the rest of
      their lives.

      Service is the way we pay our debt to society.

      Today, these very people who survived the devastating earthquake need
      our compassion and help. It is the time to give back to society what we
      have received! It is time to translate all noble thoughts into deeds,
      and put our money and might into this huge humanitarian task lying in
      front of us.

      We need your help!
      Your help is needed in their hour of grief. Charity should be indulged
      with the recipient in mind. It is important to give what is most
      essential at the present times.

      And we are not talking of a week's help, but a long-term presence for
      nearly a year, till they are completely rehabilitated. Your help can
      make this dream come true! We know that you will respond the way you
      always have and grab this golden opportunity to serve our fellow beings.

      We are committed to provide all possible rehabilitation facilities to
      make a difference in their lives. What has already happened cannot be
      changed, but we can certainly help them to cope up with the harsh
      realities of what lies ahead in their lives! All this with the touch of
      compassion and spirituality as taught to us by our Holy Masters.

      Updated Report and Newsletter.

      Responding to the devastating Earthquake that hit Gujarat on 26th
      January 2001 the 1st Batch of 24 Doctors and 13 Volunteers went on 27th
      January to Kutch and rendered service in the form of Medical Relief.

      In continuation to the Medical relief work done in Bhuj, 32 patients
      were identified and flown in from 30th January onwards for Specialised
      Surgery and hospitalisation to Suchak Hospital, Malad. 80 Major
      Operations were performed and post-operative care along with food and
      clothing were provided to them and their relatives.

      Volunteer organisations came and helped. Volunteers and media support
      also came and this was very encouraging because it gave the patients
      hope and relief. The quake victims could understand and experience that
      people cared from the bottom of their hearts.

      On 11th February, another team of seven Doctors and Paramedical Staff
      went to continue the good work being carried out. They also surveyed and
      identified the village 'Gada', which is 14 kms from the town of Bhuj.
      Since 27th of January, every week a team of 3 to 4 Doctors and
      Paramedical staff continue to offer their services at Bhuj and 'Gada'.

      The team that arrived was met with joy instead of tears and fears as the
      aspiration and hopes of the villagers have now been risen due to the
      interaction and services rendered since 27th January 2001.

      The co-operation from all departments of the Government organisations
      was very heart warming to Dr Anil Suchak Dr. Umesh Khanna and Dr. Jayesh
      Shah, as all paper work and formalities required for adoption of the
      village 'Gada' was achieved smoothly.

      As the rehabilitation work has commenced an Engineer Mr. Vishwas Kunte
      and a Manager Mr. Rajesh have been appointed.

      Even the Gram Samiti, village elders, teachers, ladies and children's
      spirits were raised. Smt Abha Suchak, Dr. Amita Suchak, Dr. M.S. Sharma,
      Urvashi Thakkar, Mohan Kulkarni, Ashok Shah, Kalpesh Vyas & others
      distributed a truckload of material, which was taken from Mumbai, to the
      villagers. Each family was provided a complete kitchen set (including
      pressure cooker and primus stove), new clothes, warm clothes and a
      month's supply of groceries.

      This added and helped in confidence building measures. The team and
      villagers have built a bond, which is far above the give and take
      situation, which has arisen out of this calamity.

      To see that the children do not loose the touch with their studies,
      immediate measures were taken to erect a temporary shed to house the
      school. The problem of Black Boards, Note Books, Pencils, Pens, Crayons,
      Slates, School Bags etc. was also dealt with. Some of the sweetest
      smiles are all to be seen in the school.
      The Gram Samiti gladly gave the consent letter, which helped in getting
      permission for reconstruction from the District Collector and NGOs
      co-ordinator. Papers had also to be filed and submitted to the Mamlatdar
      and Talati, which were also done.

      As the rapport with the villagers was good, people opened their hearts
      out. Since the water supply in the village had been damaged due to the
      devastating Earthquake, it had to be restored. Our Engineer Mr. Vishwas
      Kunte walked all through the line from where the supply was coming and
      traced the source of damage almost 2 kms. away from the village. The
      waterworks department had to be motivated by Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, into
      trying to restore the line immediately. This was achieved in less than
      24 hours and brought satisfying relief to the villagers.

      Similarly, the telephone department had also to be encouraged into
      atleast putting some lines in the village.
      Various Earthquake house plans were studied and discussed with the NGO
      co-ordinator and Government Officials. Our Engineer and the team
      measured each and every existing plot; house and veranda painstakingly
      so as to place on record the measurements.

      >From the neighbouring Shrujan, ICDU (Calamity and disaster unit) were
      called to remove the debris. As they are experts, all re-usable
      materials (like undamaged doors and window frames) are being kept aside
      for reconstruction use.

      Swami Adhyatmanandaji, in charge of The Divine Life Society Western
      zone, conducted prayers and invoked the blessings of the Almighty Lord
      upon the villagers and the various units doing the relief work on 27
      February 2001.
      Having heard of the good work being done, Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya
      Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi, who was on a tour to the quake affected
      areas of Gujarat, came to bless the village Gada and the team on the
      28th of Feb. 2001. Sri Shankaracharya ji offered solace and peace to the
      villagers and later distributed notebooks provided by us to all the
      students of this village and blessed us with prayers to work towards the
      reconstruction of the village.


      To rebuild all 103 houses shattered by the quake; as per models
      finalised by the authorities comprising of the Government, NGOs and
      Village Committee. Sponsorship of a house Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty
      thousand only).
      Providing a primary School to the village.
      Sponsorship Rs. 8,00,000/- (Rupees Eight Lakh only).
      Providing Aanganwadi or child development care centre.
      Sponsorship Rs. 3,50,000/- (Rupees Three Lakh Fifty thousand only).
      Providing a community hall to the village.
      Sponsorship Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh only).
      Providing a primary health care centre.
      Sponsorship Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakh only).
      Setting up self-employment schemes for men and women in the village,
      such as tie and dye, papad making, embroidery etc.
      Providing Psychosocial and Spiritual care through The Divine Life
      Partial adoption or Sponsorship of a child's upkeep, education and

      All kinds of help have been pouring in from all quarters. The magnitude
      of the calamity is so vast that any amount of help rendered is not
      sufficient. It is in seeing the devastating effect of the Earthquake
      that one realises the trauma
      that the people of Gujarat are still going through. In one stroke they
      were all reduced to just a cipher.

      Monthly contribution as done during the Global Conference will help in a
      long way. Even a small token of contribution from you, your friends and
      relatives would help us in fulfilling our dream of rehabilitating the
      Gada village.

      Awaiting your immediate reciprocation and thanking you in anticipation
      for your help. Please visit our website http://www.suchakhospital.com/
      for details photographs and updates.

      May God's blessings always be with you, your family and friends.
      "Serve all. Service of Humanity is Worship of God. There is no Greater
      Yoga than Service of Mankind. -Swami Sivananda

      Yours in service of Gurudev,
      For Divine Life Society - Mumbai Circle

      Dr. Anil Suchak

      Please draw Cheques in the name of "DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY A/c Gujarat
      Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund". All donations have 80 G exemption.
      Donations are entitled to the benefit of 100% deduction from the income
      of the donor.

      "All Gurudev's Life, He Lived Thinking Of Others: In What Way Can I be
      of Benefit, in What Way can I Serve? That was Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji
      Maharaj till the Very Last Days." - Swami Chidananda
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