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Sivananda Day-to-day (128)

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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:25:42 -0500 From: Rob Wilhelm To: Divine Life Family Subject: Sivananda Day-to-day (128)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2000
      Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:25:42 -0500
      From: Rob Wilhelm <rwilhelm@...>
      To: Divine Life Family <rwilhelm@...>
      Subject: Sivananda Day-to-day (128)

      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
      Om namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


      We have uploaded an article by Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj on the
      religion of Jainism at:

      A booklet called "Grieve Not!" has been uploaded to the DLS of Maryland's
      website. This booklet is a composite of various talks by H.H. Sri Swami
      Chidanandaji Maharaj. This precious message was lovingly compiled by Sri Swami
      Nityananda at the Ashram in Rishikesh. This book is linked from:

      Yours in service of Gurudev,


      FUN IN THE MASTER'S PRESENCE!: The office was overflowing with devotees and
      visitors. The Master's table also was overflowing with fruit and sweets.

      Sri Santosh entered the office. While she was bowing to the Master, Sri Brij
      Mohini sprinkled coloured powder in her face. Santosh got terribly upset and
      blurted out, "I don't like these things, Swamiji! I never play with anybody and
      so nobody should play with me also!"

      The Master said with a naughty smile, "O Brij Mohiniji! don't do it for the
      second time."

      The whole crowd burst out laughing!

      "Santosh, this orange is looking at you, take it," the Master said with a

      Santosh took it and left the office in a pleasant mood!


      Past is finished, it has slipped from your hands and you cannot recover it
      again. There is no use projecting your important work and duty in future,
      because it has not yet come, it is not in your hands. What you have in your
      hands is now, the present moment only. Remember this always, every moment of
      your life. --Swami Chidananda

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