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54Sivananda Day-to-Day (56)

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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Oct 24, 1999
      Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 09:12:55 -0600 (CST)
      From: KANAGARATNAM <pannir@...>
      To: The Divine Life Family <pkanagar@...>
      Subject: Sivananda Day-to-Day (56)

      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
      Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


      We have uploaded Holy Master's essay on God at

      In this essay, the Master answers the following questions: Who Is God?
      What Is God? Is There a God? Where Is God? How to Realise God?

      An inspiring article which will certainly help seekers in their
      onward march to God Almighty.

      Yours in the service of Gurudev,



      FROM WORDS TO BLOWS!: Two inmates of the Ashram were exchanging hot words.
      The Master, who noticed it, commented gently, "Now they are fighting with
      words, next they will fight with their fists," and laughed.


      "You are a lion cub and you are thinking yourself a weak lamb. You should
      roar like a lion and not bleat like a lamb. Shake of this delusion. Open
      your eyes and realise "what you are", and for ever become free." - Swami

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