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  • Pannirselvam Kanagaratnam
    Aug 24, 1999
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      Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya
      Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya

      I hope this little electronic letter of ours finds everyone happy and in
      good health. This week I have added Swami Krishnananda's lecture titled
      "The Search for Happiness" to our web page. I find this lecture to be
      highly inspirational and I am sure it will serve as a great source of
      motivation to intensify our Sadhana. The URL is

      I have also included Holy Master's "Resolves for Quick Spiritual
      Progress". The URL is

      REAL AUSTERITY: "The Ashram is not what it was some years ago, Swamiji.
      We do no get all the comforts, conveniences and facilities to serve the
      visitors as we used to do previously," said a senior disciple of the
      Master. He continued, "Sri P., a very good devotee who is staying here for
      the past few days, says that he wanted to stay for some time but because
      he is not very comfortable and does not get his meals and coffee in time,
      he might leave earlier."

      "If he wants comforts and conveniences, why did he come here? This is a
      place for spiritual practices and austerities. Well, it is our duty to
      offer him the utmost in comfort and convenience. Attend on him specially.
      Make him quite comfortable."

      "This is also difficult nowadays, Swamiji," replied the disciple.

      "You cannot expect the Ashram to be in the same condition always. This is
      a world of change. The comforts you commanded a few years ago you may not
      get now; but you are doing more service to humanity. It is three months
      since I asked for a towel; I am using only a torn one. All these passing
      changes we must joyously endure. This is austerity. Do you think that
      standing on the head for a hundred years, as in Sirshasana, is austerity?
      Contentment is the greatest austerity. Peace is the greatest austerity.
      Even in such conditions let your spirit of service not flag. You may not
      be able to serve the visitors as grandly as you used to do, but do your
      best," concluded the Master.


      "Oh Man! With every Sun-rise and every Sun-set one day of your life is
      lost. By so much, your span of life has been shortened. In so much less
      time you have to do what ever you have to do. Therefore Arise! Awake! Do
      not postpone. Be up and doing. Be active upon the spiritual path."
      - Swami Chidananda