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The Six Degrees of Internet Marketing

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  • Bill Platt
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt Article Title: The Six Degrees of Internet Marketing See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article. Article
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

      Article Title:
      The Six Degrees of Internet Marketing

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      The theory behind the Six Degrees of Separation is that all
      people on earth can be connected together in as little as
      six steps. Now, I know what you might be thinking at this
      juncture... That sounds fun and interesting, but what does
      that have to do with Internet Marketing? That is a great
      question that I am going to answer for you in this

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      The Six Degrees of Internet Marketing
      Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Bill Platt
      Writing Puzzle

      The theory behind the Six Degrees of Separation is that all
      people on earth can be connected together in as little as six

      The concept was made fun in the 1990's, with the creation of The
      Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (oracleofbacon.org) - which is a
      website that documents how nearly all actors in Hollywood can be
      connected to Kevin Bacon through no more than six people. I
      played with the site earlier today and the Hollywood actors and
      actresses I tested all connected to Kevin Bacon in only two
      steps... That was interesting. Even Lucille Ball connected to
      Kevin Bacon in only two steps.

      Now, I know what you might be thinking at this juncture... That
      sounds fun and interesting, but what does that have to do with
      Internet Marketing?

      Great question.

      Undertakers and Wedding Planners know something that most people
      do not realize. With a few exceptions like Michael Jackson and
      Billy Mayes, most people will only have up to 300 people attend
      their wake or wedding. As a result, the average undertaker and
      wedding planner will only bring 300 chairs to the festivities.

      That's neat... But what does this have to do with Internet

      Great question. ;-)

      If you really have 300 friends and you can tell them about your
      business, and your 300 friends share your business message with
      their 300 friends, then in very short order, you will have
      communicated your business' sales message to 90,000 people!

      If only your friends, friends would tell their friends about your
      business, then your message will have reached 27 million people!

      At this point, your friends' friends' friends would only need
      to tell 222 of their own friends about your business, in order to
      have every person on this planet know your name and what your
      business could do for them.

      But, what does this have to do with Internet Marketing ?!?

      Great question.

      The good news about your business begins with you. You must tell
      people about your business with energy and gusto. If you
      advertise your business with energy and enthusiasm, then your
      friends may be willing and able to share your message with their
      friends, and on and on...

      But if you keep your mouth shut around your friends... You will
      never be able to reap the benefits of the Six Degrees of

      Getting people to talk about your business always begins with
      your own enthusiasm for your business - enthusiasm about how you
      can help others achieve their goals and solve their problems.

      If you are embarrassed to tell your friends about your business,
      then there must be something wrong! If you are embarrassed, why
      are you in that business?

      Bring enthusiasm to your advertising, and show people how you can
      help them to achieve their goals and solve their problems. In
      doing so, you will attract people to your business by the

      My primary website has +20,000 unique visitors come to it each
      and every month. The average person reads 8 pages when they land
      on my website.

      My website does as it should. It shows people how I can help them
      achieve their goals and to help them solve their problems.
      Because of this fact, my website continues to grow on its own,
      even in months where I don't have the time to continue build on
      my advertising momentum.

      Although my advertising has been successful and my enthusiasm
      remains palpable, I can assure you of one more thing... I could
      not have done it without my friends...

      About one year ago, we conducted an internal audit of my
      business. What I learned is that after Google search engine
      traffic, my second highest source of regular, monthly traffic was
      a large number of my online friends/acquaintances who were
      recommending my business to their friends and acquaintances!

      Dozens of my online friends are sharing the story of my business
      with all of their online friends. A few dozen might seem to be a
      low number, but to be honest, not all of my friends are into
      online marketing. The majority of my friends do not realize the
      freedom offered to me by my business... Sure they know that I
      haven't held an outside job in four years, but they don't quite
      understand how I do it or why I do it.

      To this day, I have one friend who calls me once a week to tell
      me about the job openings he has discovered in the course of his
      week... For the first year or so, I told him every time that I
      was happy doing what I am doing and I would not be applying for
      those jobs. These days, I just thank him for sharing the
      information with me. ;-)

      I have been operating an online business since 2001. Before 2001,
      I thought I was operating an online business, but the IRS says
      that if you don't make money with your business, it is a hobby.
      I hobbied for a number of years, then I wrapped my head around
      how to successfully advertise my business. For the first four
      years of my business, I worked a 60-hour per week job, then I
      went home and worked my business until I collapsed from

      Then in March 2005, my online income had topped my offline income
      for more than twelve months, so I took the dive and quit my job.
      I have never looked back.

      If you can bring yourself to wrap your head around how to
      successfully advertise your business online, then you could very
      well join me and my online marketing friends, associates and
      customers as full-time online business owners.

      Getting the word out about your business is the first step, and
      whether you know it or not, your friends can help you, but only
      when you are willing to help yourself by displaying a very real
      confidence and belief in your business and your products and

      At http://WritingPuzzle.com/ you will find more training materials for article
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