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How To Inspire Yourself To Write Articles Others Will Want To Read

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  • Bill Platt
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt Article Title: How To Inspire Yourself To Write Articles Others Will Want To Read See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

      Article Title:
      How To Inspire Yourself To Write Articles Others Will Want To Read

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      Anyone engaged in writing articles for offline publications or
      online business has occasionally struggled with the question of
      "What to write?" This article documents the methods this writer
      uses to find inspiration and processes this writer uses to create
      articles people love to read.

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      Written By: Bill Platt
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      How To Inspire Yourself To Write Articles Others Will Want To Read
      Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Bill Platt
      Writing Puzzle

      Anyone engaged in writing articles for offline publications or
      online business has occasionally struggled with the question of
      "What to write?"

      Methods To Help The Average Person To Start Writing

      Maybe I am just an overly optimistic person. I have always
      believed that anyone committed to writing an article can write an
      article. The problem is that most individuals simply do not have
      the belief in their own skills and insight. That is the reason
      why we ghost writing lot will always have a job. As long as there
      are people who doubt their own skills or insights, I will always
      have a job.

      One of my good friends, Clinton Douglas IV
      learned the lesson of understanding that he had his own
      abilities and skills that he could utilize to write his own
      articles. He learned that he could turn his insight into
      literature worth reading, by simply calling his favorite ghost
      writer on the phone (me) and sharing his thoughts on a topic. He
      was always amazed how it seemed like I could read his thoughts
      and mind and put his thoughts to paper, even the thoughts that he
      did not mention specifically to me.

      Most people simply don't have a favorite ghost writer on the
      other end of a telephone call. For them, they should sit down to
      the computer and type and type and type, with little to no regard
      for proper spelling, grammar, or storytelling. The first draft
      should always be used to get one's thoughts out of the brain and
      down on paper. Spelling, grammar and wording can be fixed during
      the editing process.

      My friend Clinton utilizes this technique on occasion too. He
      wrote an article one time, by just spilling his brain onto the
      page. He wrote from his heart and got his thoughts all out of his
      head. When done, he sent me his final draft for editing. Sure,
      there were many words that were fixed, a lot of bad grammar that
      was corrected, and wording that was massaged, before we found the
      final product. Once written by him and edited, we put his
      "3:10 to Yuma" article out on the World Wide Web. Almost
      immediately, my friend Clinton started receiving compliments
      for his story. Many said it was very inspirational.

      I believe in your ability to write your own articles, even if you
      do not.

      Even if you can never bring yourself to write your own articles,
      that is fine, since we professional ghost writers are happy to
      write for you.

      How Professional Writers Find Inspiration

      When it is time to sit down to write an article, we professionals
      sit down and start reading. Inspiration is a thought that comes
      to our mind while we are reading information on our target topic.
      Our thought is never to rewrite what other writers are talking
      about. Instead, our inspired thought is often an extension of the
      words we read that were penned by our peers.

      How many times have you been reading something written by someone
      else, and you felt that the author should have ventured off on a
      tangent that he or she left hanging? Inspiration often occurs
      right here in this moment, at that very intersection of this

      Once you know the question left unanswered by another writer,
      then you will have found your own direction and inspiration for
      writing your next article.

      Answer The Unanswered Question and More...

      When you want to use articles to promote your online business, it
      is not enough to answer the unanswered question. You actually
      need to venture a bit further afield and to ask yourself one very
      important question: Is the person most likely to buy your product
      or service also interested in having this question answered?

      When you write for promotion purposes, you should always try to
      speak to the hearts and minds of the people most likely to buy
      what you are selling. If your potential clients are asking the
      same questions as you are, then you know what questions you need
      to answer for your readers. It is in answering questions
      important to your customers, where you will begin to find real
      success using promotional articles to promote your business.

      Help your customers answer questions they want answered, and they
      will help you to earn the sales you need to keep your doors open
      to others.

      Final Note About Inspiration and The Writing Process

      This article began as a blog post, written in a blog I contribute
      to weekly:

      I often write a blog post as my first draft of an idea. Then I
      massage the message to make it worthy as a promotional article,
      an article to be read by a larger audience.

      Sometimes my first draft is an answer to someone who asked me a
      question about my service. I answer his or her question from the
      hip, then I copy-and-paste my answer to a word document and
      massage the copy for a public audience.

      Many times, this first-draft, second-draft process has helped me
      to create some of the very best articles I have written. Due to
      the fact that my original article draft is put together as an
      answer to a question that one of my potential clients had, it
      permits me to write an article that answers a question that many
      of my other potential customers may also be thinking.

      In answering questions for the larger audience, I have found
      great success for myself in article marketing. Given a little bit
      of motivation and commitment, you can make my processes work for
      you too, to build your own success online.

      At http://WritingPuzzle.com/ you will find more training materials for article
      marketers. If you are more interested in writing and publishing books, then
      you may find http://ProfessionalBookMarketing.com/ to be your perfect
      cup of tea. Bill Platt has been teaching other writers how to create content
      that gets the reader's attention and how to promote themselves online, since
      early 2001. Subscribe to his mailing list here:

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