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Beware Of Magic Beans - A Warning To Newbie Internet Marketers

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  • Bill Platt
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt Article Title: Beware Of Magic Beans - A Warning To Newbie Internet Marketers See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 26, 2013
      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Bill Platt

      Article Title:
      Beware Of Magic Beans - A Warning To Newbie Internet Marketers

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      John read a story about a fantastic piece of software that he
      could use to build his online business. But this often used
      Internet marketing tool brought John something that John did not
      intend. His software made him famous... For all of the wrong

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      Written By: Bill Platt
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      Beware Of Magic Beans - A Warning To Newbie Internet Marketers
      Copyright (c) 2008-2013 Bill Platt
      Writing Puzzle

      John (and other newbie online marketers),

      Let me ask you a question. Why would you ever send out an email
      that destroys your own credibility? Credibility is absolutely
      essential to the success of any company on the Internet. And yet,
      you lied to me in your email, multiple times.

      Lies? Yes, that is a strong word. Would you prefer me to suggest
      that you exhibited "extreme ignorance"?

      I know that you likely have some very clever software that you
      are using to construct and mail your sales offers to folks.

      Your only salvation here is that I know you likely made only one
      mistake. You trusted your handy-dandy software package to take
      good care of your business interests.

      But your software has failed you.

      The first problem in your mailing appears in the first and second

      "I was recently reviewing automobiles ezine sites in some of
      the major search engines and I came across your web site:

      "After reviewing your site I found that we are both targeting
      the exact same market, though we are not in competition with each

      It is obvious that you really did not review my website, or you
      would not have written your sales message as you did. But then
      again, I also know that your nifty little software package wrote
      the actual sales script for you.

      Later in your message, you also said,

      "I offer this partnership very selectively, so please do act
      fast if you wish to go ahead with this."

      Here is another lie that your software's nifty little sales
      script tagged to "your reputation". If you were selective about
      who you offered this too, you would never have contacted me.
      After all, I only have about 20 pages related to the automotive
      industry - in more than 6000 pages on The Phantom Writers

      The truth is that ThePhantomWriters.com is not an automotive
      website!!! It does not even have its own ezine!!!

      But, you know what? I decided to check out your offer anyway,
      because I actually do own an automotive website at a different
      URL. I am always on the search for monetization offers for my
      various websites, so I gave you a shot.

      At the beginning and end of your message, you referred to my
      "automotive website", and you offered an affiliate program to
      enable my "automotive ezine" to earn money.

      The biggest disappointment I found in your message is that your
      affiliate program has absolutely nothing to do with automobiles
      or the automotive industry. Nope. You are soliciting me to sign
      up for an affiliate program, to sell web hosting services to my
      visitors!!! Yes, it is true that most website owners own cars,
      but not all car owners own websites!

      John H. (last name withheld for obvious reasons), I have news for
      you. My company specializes in the creation of informational and
      tutorial-style articles and in the distribution of those articles
      to publishers on the World Wide Web, for the purpose of promoting
      my clients' websites.

      You know what else John? In responding to your email, I just
      wrote my newest article. The good news is that you are going to
      be famous!!! The bad news is that you are going to be famous for
      all of the wrong reasons...

      At http://WritingPuzzle.com/ you will find more training materials for article
      marketers. If you are more interested in writing and publishing books, then
      you may find http://ProfessionalBookMarketing.com/ to be your perfect
      cup of tea. Bill Platt has been teaching other writers how to create content
      that gets the reader's attention and how to promote themselves online, since
      early 2001. Subscribe to his mailing list here:

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