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Create Staggering Wealth With An Efficient Marketing Sales Funnel Process

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  • Ryan Parenti
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti Article Title: Create Staggering Wealth With An Efficient Marketing Sales Funnel Process See TERMS OF REPRINT
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti

      Article Title:
      Create Staggering Wealth With An Efficient Marketing Sales Funnel Process

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      Did you know a marketing sales funnel process can make you
      or break you? It's easy and you can make big bucks online
      quickly if you do this right.

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      Written By: Ryan Parenti
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      Create Staggering Wealth With An Efficient Marketing Sales Funnel Process
      Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Parenti
      Build Online Wealth

      Did you know a marketing sales funnel process can make you or
      break you? It's easy and you can make big bucks online quickly
      if you do this right.

      First Off What Is A Sales Funnel?

      A sales funnel is a way to tier your buyers. A lot of people come
      in at the beginning the it leads them down to higher priced
      products where you will have less buyers.

      But there are a few main elements that many people leave out. The
      traditional sales funnel is missing a key competent.

      It doesn't show you how you create value for your market. Value
      is defined by what the market does.

      It is defined by what people are willing to take action to get or
      to keep.

      The value you provide needs to be in the process not in the
      products you sell. That's why an effective sales process is a
      step by step process leading a person to make multiple buying

      What If People Don't Buy?

      If people are not taking the next step in your sales process you
      didn't provide value earlier in the sales funnel.

      So the value is not only in the product but in the entire process
      that you lead your customers through. You can measure the value
      you give by the actions your customers take.

      The truth is the process you send people through is the funnel in
      which you coordinate all of your sales.

      For your marketing you need finely tuned selling systems, known
      as the sales funnel management or marketing sales funnel

      You need to find, get, and keep customers and you do this through
      your sales funnel.

      If you can find and get people in your sales process you can make
      some money but when you master keeping them and selling them more
      products then you become wealthy.

      Here is an example.

      You can look at something like your car. This is a 'system'
      that allows you to go from point a to point b.

      But if one of the parts goes out, like the axis, the entire
      system shuts down.

      So every part of your sales process needs to be working or else
      the entire system shuts down and bleeds to death.

      Where Do You Start The Your Marketing Sales Funnel Process?

      The first step is to do some research. Find some markets that you
      want to get into.

      Then you need products and then you need to advertise.

      Look for solo mailings where people have paid to get on lists.
      Then look at the offers of the solo lists and then mimic the
      their sale product.

      You do this because you know what price range to target and what
      type of way to position your product to these people.

      I am telling you that when you are looking for solo mailings to
      advertise in you can then simply mimic the product that they have
      already bought because you know they want it.

      A suggestion that works!

      So What About The Sales Process?

      The first step of your actual sales process is to differentiate
      yourself. To position yourself in a unique way.

      If you are the same as everyone else it will be very difficult
      for you to build a extremely profitable business. You need to
      develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

      After you know how your going to uniquely position yourself you
      want to shape and influence your prospect with education that can
      help them make a buying decision.

      This is how you follow up with people who are in your funnel.
      Presell them on your offers and show them why you are uniquely

      Every time you make contact influence their buying decisions
      through education and preselling.

      Perhaps make mention of something that your competitors are
      missing. When you are educating your prospects you want to plant
      the seeds in them to make the choice to do business with you.

      You also want to connect what they need, want or wish to the
      solutions your offering. Every point of your sales system needs
      to move people to the next step on their path..

      Are You Flushing Money Down The Toilet?

      You have to measure your business. Really, you have to measure
      your business.

      It is important to say twice because it is that essential to

      You need to measure success so you know what to improve. If you
      don't measure whats going on you don't know what to change.

      This will help you understand what is meaningless and what is

      Honestly there is no reason even doing something if you can't
      measure it. If you don't know what the results are why would you
      even do it?

      On the flip side if you can't change something there is no need
      to measure it. It is a waste of time and resources.

      So focus your resources and energies on things that you can have
      an impact on. Then you can do something in these areas to grow
      the business. Increase or decrease what you do to impact your

      Add more bonuses, bundling products, ect.

      Here is the easy way to measure if you are doing well.

      Measuring customer actions is where you start. Every time you ask
      your customer to do something (like buy another product) you can
      determine if you are giving value or not by if they take action.

      If customers are taking action then you are providing value. If
      not then you need to provide more value.

      Taking note of customer action is probably the biggest way to
      measure how good you are at creating value and giving them what
      they want.

      The trick is to create a sales process that has value built
      inside of it. As a person walks through your sales process you
      want to give them exactly what they need at that point in the
      sales process.

      If you measure your numbers you can tell if you are providing
      that to them.

      So you need to create a sales process then measure what goes on
      so you can look at what it is that you can change and improve.

      Do You Know The #1 Thing That Will Increase Your Profits?

      If not you need to find out!

      When your testing and tracking results your looking for the thing
      that is undermining your sales. This is a vital point for
      improvement and when you do something about it you will have much
      better results.

      Listen, if you have a whole as big as a bus in your sales process
      then some people are falling through it! So you want to patch up
      your leaks and create a finely tuned engine.

      So you need to decide out of all the areas that can be improved
      what is the one area that you want to focus on.

      Look for your weak links because if you improve them they will
      give the best results overall. Basically this is saying to find
      out what your biggest weakness is and focus your efforts into
      improving the sales funnel management.

      If you are serious about increasing sales, traffic and
      affiliates on autopilot without spending a small fortune
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      learn the exact steps you need for increased internet profits:
      Written by: Ryan Parenti

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