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Marketing Tip: Connecting With Your Target Market

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  • Marty Bradfield
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Marty Bradfield Article Title: Marketing Tip: Connecting With Your Target Market See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Marty Bradfield

      Article Title:
      Marketing Tip: Connecting With Your Target Market

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      I am forever amazed at the responses I get, when I ask
      online marketers who is in their target market... Everyone?
      Really? In this article, I use a touch of humor to open your
      eyes to the real answer behind that question, and later in
      the article, I show you how to quickly and easily reveal
      your true target audience...

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      Written By: Marty Bradfield
      Copyright: 2010
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      Marketing Tip: Connecting With Your Target Market
      Copyright (c) 2010 Marty Bradfield
      Multiple Traffic Streams Report

      There are four types of people in the world... There are dog
      people and cat people... And, there are people who would own
      neither and people who own both...

      My wife and I have always been dog people... Our neighbor is a
      cat person...

      My wife is fond of saying that the only good cat is a dead cat...
      My neighbor has threatened on dozens of occasions to kill our
      dog, if our dog did not stop barking at his cat... Our neighbor
      despises our dog, because our dog barks at his cat, and his cat
      walks by our yard as in fear for his life...

      All you have to do is to holler real loud, when you see the cat
      trying to sneak by our house... If you do it just right, the cat
      will jump out of its skin, before setting the new land speed
      record for a feline... LOL... My wife is so mean...

      Putting my child-like amusement to the side, there is actually a
      business lesson in this story...

      Who Is The Real Target Market For Your Business?

      I am forever amazed at the responses I get, when I ask online
      marketers who is in their target market...

      Everyone? Really?

      You would be wasting your breath trying to get my wife to like
      cats, and you would be equally frustrated trying to convince my
      neighbor of the value of dogs in this world... Both are dead-set
      in their ways, and you will not change their minds...

      Try selling your kitty scratch pad to my wife...

      Try selling your dog bones to my neighbor...

      You could spend ten million dollars and a lifetime trying to
      convince my wife that cats are awesome and she should buy your
      cat toys, OR you could call my neighbor and get his business for
      the price of a phone call...

      Honestly, which approach makes more sense?

      We Must Advertise To The Right People

      If you have been trying to operate a business online for any
      length of time, you will have realized by now that you must
      advertise and there is always a cost for adverising -- a cost
      that can be measured in either time or money...

      We all have to spend time or money to attract an audience to our
      website, so that we can make the pitch for our products or

      Given the high cost of advertising -- free or paid, it makes
      sense that we should try to talk directly to those people who are
      most likely to buy what we are selling, doesn't it?

      This is why it is so important for us to properly identify our
      real target market...

      If you deliver your pet-product advertising to people who refuse
      to own a dog or cat, then you are wasting your limited time or
      financial resources trying to sell your stuff to people who would
      never buy your goods...

      Think about selling ice water to an Eskimo... Then realize that
      the guy in the desert is parched for a drink, and he might pay
      ten times the going rate to buy your ice water...

      If you are talking to the wrong people, your advertising will
      produce few sales, and therefore, your advertising will be very

      On the other hand, if you are talking to the right people with
      your advertising, you will be able to sell more stuff to more
      people, thereby reducing your overall cost of advertising...

      When your advertising consistently pays for itself, you will find
      it a no-brainer option to keep advertising...

      You will find that by taking your advertising resources and
      messages to the right audience, you will be able to consistently
      produce profitable results for your business...

      Tracking Down Your Target Audience

      I have often found that forums are an excellent tool for finding
      new ways to reach my target audiences...

      Contrary to what you may have taught by other marketers, I don't
      seek out niche consumer forums so that I can drop links in my
      signature file... That could be a real waste of time, since most
      consumer-oriented forums do not allow signature files...

      Whatever the product or service, I seek out consumer forums for
      the niche to do research... I want to learn about the people who
      are in my target market...

      I have found that the consumer forums in any niche can teach me
      three important lessons about reaching my target audiences:

      1. I can find forums where I might be able to advertise on-site;

      2. I find other websites that my target audience finds useful,
      where I might be able to buy advertising; and

      3. I find the questions that people in my target audience are
      asking -- questions that I could possibly answer in the form of
      an article for my website or a syndicated article.

      I know you have heard it before, but I will reiterate the point
      here... Google is your best friend...

      Since I have been talking about dogs and cats in this article, I
      wanted to emphasize the usefulness of forums with examples...

      In my first search, I plugged in the words "dog forum" into
      Google... The first result was http://www.dogforums.com/

      With more than 68,000 threads and 800,000 posts related to dogs,
      I am certain I would have no problem finding other dog-related
      websites and topics for articles that would be of interest to
      readers in that niche...

      In my second search, I queried Google for "cats forum" and
      found http://www.catforum.com/

      It contains 67,000 threads and nearly 700,000 posts... Once
      again, it will not be hard to find related websites where I might
      be able to advertise, and I will have no problem uncovering
      questions that my target audience is already asking, so that I
      can construct articles for my website or syndicated articles that
      will directly address the needs of the people in my target

      In Conclusion...

      I have come to realize that for as long as my wife and I continue
      to live where we do and my neighbor continues to live where he
      does, my wife and my neighbor will always be tweaking each other
      over our dog and his cat...

      The only way for that battle to end is for one of us to move out
      of the neighborhood... LOL

      As a business owner, you must understand that your target market
      can never be described as everyone on the planet... It is
      important for you to do your research, to better understand who
      your real target audience is, so that you can more easily
      understand how to get your advertising message to them

      Once you understand who is in your target market and how you can
      reach them with your advertising, you will find yourself on the
      road to real success...

      Marty Bradfield teaches the Basics of online marketing and
      Cutting Edge Techniques used by online marketers, to develop lead
      generation systems for new businesses. He recommends the 80-page
      report that outlines 35 Proven Traffic Generation Techniques used
      by professional marketers to build their online businesses:

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