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How To Profit From Really Inexpensive Website Traffic

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  • Willie Crawford
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Willie Crawford Article Title: How To Profit From Really Inexpensive Website Traffic See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Willie Crawford

      Article Title:
      How To Profit From Really Inexpensive Website Traffic

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      All online marketers eventually realize that a steady flow
      of targeted traffic is the very life's blood of their
      online business. At that point some decide to focus on
      generating free traffic via methods such as article
      marketing and search engine optimization. That's how I
      generated most of my website traffic for many years.

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      Written By: Willie Crawford
      Copyright: 2010
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      How To Profit From Really Inexpensive Website Traffic
      Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Crawford
      Willie Crawford Incorporated

      All online marketers eventually realize that a steady flow of
      targeted traffic is the very life's blood of their online

      At that point some decide to focus on generating free traffic via
      methods such as article marketing and search engine optimization.
      That's how I generated most of my website traffic for many

      Other marketers look at the time and effort involved, and decide
      that using traffic from paid sources is more cost-effective.
      Given that I now manage dozens of my own, and clients projects,
      and a dozen virtual employees, I've evolved to where buying
      traffic often makes more sense.

      While most people think of pay-per-click traffic such as Google
      AdWords, I actually focus on MUCH cheaper paid traffic which
      offers a much higher return-on-investment. That's what I'd like
      to teach you to do today.

      Before we get into a few simple and easy methods, let's
      establish a few rules that you should always follow. They are:

      1) Make sure that the traffic you buy is targeted. These should
      be individuals actively looking for what you have to sell. They
      should be in a buying mode.

      2) You should know your source. Do your due diligence and
      actually check them out. Google their name or their company name
      and see what is being said about them. Contact people who gave
      them testimonials and see how satisfied they are with that buying
      decision today. Look their site up on "The Way Back Machine" at
      http://Archive.org and see how their business has evolved over
      the years and get a feel for how long they have actually been in

      3) Know specifically how this traffic is generated. You want to
      know both the methodology and the general demographics of the

      Several years ago, one of my subscribers who violated all three
      of the above rules, lost $4000 in about a month. He was promoting
      a network marketing "opportunity," and was advised to buy
      leads. So he went to an online company and plopped down $4000 of
      his retirement fund for some guaranteed traffic.

      He did indeed get the guaranteed visitors (several thousand) of
      them but not a single one of them converted (joined his team).
      Some did fill in his opt-in form for more information but they
      were just curious.

      It turns out that the way the company he purchased the leads
      from, delivered that was traffic via pop-unders. A person would
      visit a site pertaining to something they were marginally
      interested in, and while they were reading a page, another pay
      would load underneath. When the surfer closed the top page, he
      saw my subscriber's page.

      The problem was that most of these surfers had absolutely no
      interest in what my subscriber was offering. The curiosity
      seekers who filled out the form basically sent my subscriber on a
      wild goose chase as he followed up with all of those who left a
      phone number. NONE of them proved to be really interested.

      Now that you know not to fall for that or similar scams, let me
      tell you FIVE ways that I generate a flood of highly-target
      website traffic, often for less than a penny per click.

      1) I buy keyword-rich domain names to capture type-in traffic.
      These can be brand new domains or they can be aged domains that
      may even be still indexed in the major search engines. Even if
      they are not still indexed, some search engines seem to favor
      aged domains which are readily available.

      Many surfer, looking to buy a product, mistakenly type their
      search term into the browser bar rather than the search box. If
      you happen to own that term (as a domain name) the traffic will
      often be redirected to your site. Even if the surfer enters the
      search term in the search box, your site will often be shown in
      the results provided your site is properly optimized and indexed.

      If you use this method and average a mere 10 visitors per day,
      that's 3650 targeted visitors per year. Assuming these visitors
      are searching on a term that you'd have to pay $1 for at the
      pay-per-click search engines, and that the domain name and a full
      year of hosting cost you $25, you've just saved ($3650 - $25 =
      $3625). I do get my domain names and hosting that cheaply :-)

      Imagine having a dozen domains each targeting a different
      keywords, and I'm sure you'll understand why I personally love
      this traffic generation method so much.

      2) Offering a free gift to get the visitor to your site and then
      requiring them to join your mailing list before they can access
      the gift. After they opt-in, you give them the gift but also tell
      them about some other product that you want to call their
      attention to.

      I find this method very effective when posted on social
      networking sites, or even run as ezine solo ads.

      Done properly you not only generate traffic, but by building a
      list, you also build-in a way to call them back to your site

      3. Buying links from other sites. In many niches, there are
      webmasters who haven't figured out how to monetize their sites
      yet. You can approach them offering to pay for a prominently
      displayed link pointing back to your site, and many will sell you
      these links very inexpensively.

      You do need to shop around, and since there is a rumor that the
      major search engines MAY frown upon this practice, I do it in a
      way that it's not so obvious.

      4) Funnel traffic via "mini-nets." In a mini-net, you have one
      main site that you really want to funnel traffic to. That's
      often referred to as your "money site." You build other sites
      on domains that you purchase, web 2.0 sites, and what are often
      referred to as "parasite sites." These are sites offered by
      companies that will give you free hosting on their network.

      You have links from most of the domains that you purchased, the
      web 2.0 sites, and the parasite sites, all pointing to your money
      site. Some people build a network of sites pointing to their
      peripheral sites. The idea there is that if you can get the
      peripheral sites to rank higher in the search engines they will
      command more respect and boost the ranking of your money site

      There are many complex linking patterns that you can use - as
      many as there are people who consider themselves experts on the
      topic. I personally keep things as simple as possible, and often
      rely upon the experience and expertise of webmasters that I often
      outsource the mind-numbing, tedious tasks to.

      5) Build backlinks and RSS feeds by bookmarking. Many of my
      WordPress blogs are configured so that every post is bookmarked.
      I also use software to bookmark every page on some of my content
      sites and mini-sites. This both pushes them up in the search
      engines, and places links that highly-qualified visitors can
      follow back to my sites from all over cyber-space.

      There are many other techniques that I use to generate an
      absolute flood of traffic to my websites and those of my clients.
      I'll share more in future articles.

      Willie Crawford is an online marketing and website traffic
      generation expert. Over the past 14 years he's developed
      tactics and techniques that allow him to generate more than 1
      million hits to some of his sites. Get him to send you highly
      targeted, buying website traffic for as little as a penny per
      visitor at: http://cheapverytargetedtraffic.com/

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