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Do Nice Guys Fail In Internet Marketing For Online Businesses?

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  • Ryan Parenti
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti Article Title: Do Nice Guys Fail In Internet Marketing For Online Businesses? See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2010
      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Parenti

      Article Title:
      Do Nice Guys Fail In Internet Marketing For Online Businesses?

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      The truth is if you want to build a real business, it needs
      to be scalable. Here are the lessons learned from that fatal
      day and the take aways you can use to build your business
      the right way.

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      Written By: Ryan Parenti
      Copyright: 2010
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      Do Nice Guys Fail In Internet Marketing For Online Businesses?
      Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Parenti
      Build Online Wealth

      Todd was in trouble. Our internet marketing training for online
      business was selling like crazy. Orders were coming from
      everywhere. We were able to get outside help, but it wasn't

      We stopped advertising, but the orders still kept coming and we
      were in way over our head.

      OK, I know what you're thinking "how is that a bad thing?" but
      we didn't have any system step up for product fulfillment and we
      under estimated the impact our marketing would have.

      The truth is if you want to build a real business, it needs to be
      scalable. Here are the lessons learned from that fatal day and
      the take aways you can use to build your business the right way.

      1. You Need To Figure Out Yourself Before You Grow A Business

      You need to know yourself and exactly what your good at. This is
      important because if you are not good a HTML then you do not want
      to build and grow your business by doing HTML.

      Instead you should clearly define, understand, and build a
      business around your strengths.

      2. You Need To Find The Big Money Opportunity (The Market)

      Look at the market to find out what to sell. The goal is to
      determine what they want then go out and give it to them.

      The market will show you where the big money opportunities are.

      The money is in developing a clear vision of the biggest
      opportunity in your target market then developing an action plan
      to take advantage of it.

      3. You Need A Compelling Offer

      Your offer (what your trying to sell) must be of high value and
      provide a high return on investment. It almost must be positioned
      in a way that compels people to take action and purchase your

      You want to create an irresistible offer that provides a solid
      benefit and deliver it in a believable fashion.

      4. Develop A Marketing System

      Marketing your product or service is the way you get the word

      Advertisements, SEO and email marketing are all effective ways to
      find and retain new prospects.

      Discover which avenue of marketing you will take, then execute it

      5. Build YOUR Business With Help

      You need to scale your business by determining profitable actions
      then turning them into automated systems of duplicate-able and
      unmanaged creation through the help of smart, dedicated and
      qualified employees.

      I am telling you to discover what actions make you money then
      train and employ others to complete these actions on a daily or
      weekly basis (if possible).

      Make sure your team members carry the same vision of business
      that you have.

      You are paying more for their mind and creative thinking than any
      brute work, so it is essential that they understand where you
      want to go so they can help you get there.

      First a quick word of caution: When many people think of hiring
      help then they of getting the cheapest labor when the truth is
      you need to find and hire the right people, then do what it takes
      to keep them.

      Good people are very hard to find and you need these people if
      you want to have a successful business.

      6. Everything Should Be Reduced Down To A Number

      You can and should measure every aspect of your business so you
      can determine what is working and what isn't.

      Track sales conversions, employee performance, how you're doing,
      and the level of success you are achieving towards your goals.

      You can't improve anything you can't measure.

      So track everything you can so you can make incremental
      improvements to your operational systems like marketing, sales
      conversation and lifetime customer value.

      7. Alliance Partners Increase Growth Rapidly

      The easiest way to grow your business is by leveraging other
      people's resources. You can do this by developing relationships
      with other related businesses.

      There are many advantages of joint ventures and having an
      affiliate program can easily increase your income times 10.

      Structure your business to allow other people to sell and grow
      your business with you, by creating and promoting an affiliate
      program and developing joint venture relationships.

      8. Develop Product Creation Systems

      Set up a team of people to create your products. Perhaps you
      might need one person to do the market research to see what
      people are buying and to do keyword research.

      Once completed they can then hand over the information to a
      person who creates graphics and a sales page. Then they can
      forward the information to a ghost writer who completes the
      product. This can all happen seamlessly once you develop the

      Identify which types of products you will create, then develop a
      team (or a system) to create and market you product for you.

      9. Build a Business That Your Completely Free From

      Develop systems within the business that make sure profitable
      steps are taken without you having to do them. Try to set up your
      business so the business will build without you.

      This was the mistake Todd and I made. The day to day operational
      issues, like product fulfillment, needed to be delegated.

      If I only I knew then what I knew now we could have avoided the
      horror of a business that does too well - like a train going too
      fast and running off the track.

      So the answer is "Yes!" nice guys finish last... if they don't
      have the proper system set up.

      The only question is are you ready to improve your system?

      If you are serious about increasing sales, traffic and
      affiliates on autopilot without spending a small fortune
      setting it all up go ahead and download this free audio and
      learn the exact steps you need for increased internet profits:
      Written by: Ryan Parenti

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