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Re: [singaporejugglers] Keen to collaborate with Bornfire to create a juggling festival?

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  • Jiahui Cai
    I d lend a hand! I m not sure what I can do though. It s Okotanpe. :)
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2010
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      I'd lend a hand! I'm not sure what I can do though.

      It's Okotanpe. :)

      On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 12:52 AM, Yvonne Tan <yvotan@...> wrote:

      Hi all,

      it's been quiet in this group (and the esplanade!) lately. i haven't been that active myself so i'm guilty as charged.

      Anyhow, on Friday a lady called Xyn met up with Willie and myself. She's the organiser of Bornfire, an annual fire swing festival in Singapore. She's interested in expanding Bornfire into a festival beyond just fire swinging. Her
      vision is to have a full circus festival, and she's approaching and inviting pple from all art forms to join in her festival.

      The festival this year is from 22 to 28 Nov. As usual she has workshops (both by local and foreign artistes), performances and stage competitions going on. Venue is either at Bugis Illuma or Dhoby Gaut Park (opp park mall)

      This year she's trying to invite a japanese performer Oko Tampe (i think that's how to spell it) who is also an expert contact juggler. Perhaps also Komei Aoki (expert juggler i've met at WJF years ago) I've asked her to consider inviting Viktor Kee as well. Are there any suggestions of jugglers/diaboloists you'd like to see in the festival? (closer to SG the better as her budget is tight).

      The festival is free. Workshops will be charged to cover artists expenses, but won't be very ex i think. she's asking for us to help by being part of the festival, by teaching workshops, joining contests etc. Details are still being worked out but she has assured me that the Open stage competition is free (the website says there's a fee), but a deposit is needed to ensure no last min

      What do you guys think? Personally i like the idea. We can leverage on the existing Bornfire event and create something close to a real juggling festival,
      with workshops from foreign experts, and open stage contests, and numbers contests and to hang out together. I remember the World Juggling Day events we've had in some years, they were great fun and great to watch, but the
      organising is a lot of hard work (that's why now no more), now Bornfire is willing to take on that for us.

      I also support her vision of bringing all these arts forms together to create a bigger awareness and recognition, so it'll be easier to get funding/sponsors and circus can be a recognised activity.

      Any suggestions/ideas? Are you guys willing to support this year's festival by chilling out there together and getting to know the spinners, and by joining
      the contests/workshops? we can also gather a list of names of who she can consider inviting over.

      i haven't been juggling much these days but if you guys are keen to join this and try to revive the juggling community again, i'm on to blow the dust off my
      clubs and balls and do something in this festival..

      Let me know your thoughts ok? i'll pass the msg to her.


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