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Re: [singaporejugglers] Re: WJD2009 - Ideas, anyone?

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  • Chai Sheng Hau
    That s what i would like a regular session to be like. Haha... Maybe Friday ain t such a good day? Or the underpass ain t such a good place? Now i m juggling
    Message 1 of 5 , May 18 1:59 AM
      That's what i would like a regular session to be like. Haha...
      Maybe Friday ain't such a good day? Or the underpass ain't such a good place?
      Now i'm juggling almost every other day (after work) near my home.
      Too bad we stay in different parts of singapore.

      On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 12:33 PM, Yvonne Tan <yvotan@...> wrote:

      ah yes. Singapore World Juggling Day Elite Parliamentary Committee 20xx.

      it'll be kind of fun to have a freestyle stage where anything goes. I had a lot of fun watching JH (try to) do tightrope walking from pillar to pillar in the esplanade underpass and Willy has some super japanese style ball juggling tricks.

      there was also once where we did 4 pple club passing in various patterns while Shaun weaved in and out on his unicycle.

      i hope for a WJD where all these activities are happening at the same time and there're magical and funny moments in every corner.

      --- wrote:

      I'd be happy to help out with organizing and such, except that I'm12235237 km away...

      I don't have much experience with event organizing but I envisionsomething similar to the juggling festivals here in the US where youhave an open area with ppl doing random juggling in the middle, andalong the sides you have small groups doing workshops / sellingstuff etc. Since the juggling community in Singapore is really smallI would suggest that the theme / focus be on drawing layman / newbiejugglers into the group and getting the word out that the SingaporeJuggling Club is a great resource to find other jugglers / learn newtricks / try new props, etc.


      --- In singaporejugglers@yahoogroups.com, Jiahui Cai<thecollectiveus@...> wrote:
      > Jiahui will volunteer recording the whole procession. If it's anylarger
      > Jiahui will volunteer holding a unicycling workshop for kids.
      > Jiahui might also stop speaking in third person.
      > JH
      > Chai Sheng Hau wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > We're just a month away from the actual day and nothing has been
      > > firmed up yet.
      > > So i'm proposing that we meet up this coming friday to reallythink
      > > about how we
      > > want to celebrate this special day.
      > >
      > > Better still, let's start brainstorming and share our wackyideas here! =)

      > >
      > > Sheng Hau
      > > Snacks + Drinks Sponsor
      > > WJD2009
      > >
      > > p.s. anyone rem what's the super long name we had for theorganizing
      > > committee?
      > >
      > >

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