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Gigslist.org GigNews, Sept 3, 2008

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    Editor’s choice of latest Classifieds, News, Events Workshops, Jobs, Resumes, Services, Production Listings, Casing Calls, Tips, Auditions, and more. FREE TO
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2008
      Editor’s choice of latest Classifieds, News, Events Workshops, Jobs,
      Resumes, Services, Production Listings, Casing Calls, Tips, Auditions,
      and more. FREE TO POST, see bottom of this newsletter for posting info,
      do not reply to this email. Gigslist.org is a free service that
      distributes arts and entertainment industry notices to hundreds of web
      boards and mailing lists. Click on the links to view full notices.

      Events! CalArts Creative Music Festival
      This season's edition of the storied CalArts Creative Music Festival
      brings one of the most formidable lineups in the festival's history.

      Unpaid Job! Production Assistant (PA) needed for Kentucky (KY) feature
      KY based production company looking for a PA/intern to fill a variety of
      roles for a feature film. Shooting in Louisville and Lexington areas.

      Pro Jobs! Casting Call Kentucky Film - Louisville Lexington
      KY based production company seeking actors and actresses of all ages for
      feature film to be shot in Louisville and Lexington areas.

      Pro Jobs! Set Designer wanted for "Helltown Buffet" in Santa Ana, CA
      World premiere play "Helltown Buffet" in Santa Ana, CA is looking for a
      Set Designer/Builder.

      Sponsor! Get your resume and credit list to the next level -
      Gigslist.org posts contact info for professional television projects and
      feature films seeking cast, crew, music, interns, office staff, writers,
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      Production! Feature Film
      Shoot: Nov 2009 - Location: UK & LA - Director: Tim Burton .....Note:
      ..... To get the contact info for this and other Productions seeking,
      cast, crew, music, and other services login to your free Gigslist.org
      account and upgrade to GigsListPro

      Tips! Grow Your Industry Contacts – By HoldonLog
      Creating “Career Buzz” is essential in letting your contacts know
      that you are working and it is helpful in reminding them that you are
      available for work! Note: .... Login or sign up for a free Gigslist.org
      account to view Tip Sheets. (Gigslist.org Editor’s Note: HolonLog is a
      long time value added service to the industry.)

      Events! ***FREE ACTING CLASS - ON CAMERA*** at AIDA
      Free on-camera acting class with FREE on camera assessment on how you
      personally can improve their work to book the roles you really want!!
      (Gigslist.org Pick of Actors Workshops)

      Classifieds! Funky Eco Street Fashions for Your Costumes
      Planet friendly Japanese and San Francisco inspired street wear for you
      costumes. http://www.RecycledForDancing.com creates original Eco Couture
      out of recycled and vintage fabrics.

      Classifieds! See if you are listed...
      Variety launches national production directory, Hey just a quick heads
      up… there is a new national production directory now online.
      (Gigslist.org Editor’s note: Posted by Variety themselves!!!)

      Unpaid Job! Young Actors Sought (14-25) for SciFi film
      Starlight Studios will be doing an audition/casting call for the sci-fi
      film "Light" for the younger roles, Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 6pm.

      Events! SOMA Fest L.A., Sept 16-21 2008
      Transformatioin & kinesthetic eros emerge in the Somatic Movement Arts
      Festival, the premiere event of its kind worldwide.

      Events! Actor's Advantage - An Inventive New Workshop!!
      Actor's Advantage is a workshop designed by acting professionals for
      actors. Get your career the jump start it needs.

      Unpaid Job! Musicians, Comedians, and Others Wanted
      Looking for Your Big Break????We're looking for Original, Unknown
      material to include in our StonersStashbox© radio broadcast beginning
      Sept 2,2008.

      Unpaid Job! Looking for individuals interested in Modeling
      Are you interested in modeling? A celebrity clothing line is hosting two
      fashion showcases in the Bay Area.

      Pro Jobs! Rapper with Arabic accent wanted
      European producer is looking for rapper with Arabic accent, who can
      write his own lyrics to a already recorded playback.

      Production! Feature Film
      Status: In Development - Lead cast: Scarlett Johansson - Distributor:
      Yes - Note: To access the contact info for this and other productions,
      login to your free Gigslist.org account and upgrade to GigsListPro.

      Pro Jobs! Casting call Paid positions
      Don't Judge a Book is a drama-comedy filled play that deals with real
      life issues in marriages and relationships.

      Tribal Bellydancers, GoGo Dancers, Burlesque, Club, Contemporary,
      Hiphop, Fire Performance, Aerialists, Trapeze,Stilt Walkers, Musicians
      and tons more.

      Pro Jobs! Seeking Assistant
      Prominent Beverly Hills-based management and production company seeks
      enthusiastic assistant.

      Events! XXIV.A.I.R. International Artists Residencies/Exhibition-
      BUDAPEST, Hungary
      The Hungarian Multicultural Center (HMC) is currently accepting
      applications for the Budapest -International Artist/Writer Residencies.

      Pro Jobs! be a scream queen - Gene Fenton Seeking Models
      Gene Fenton is recruiting Scream Queens to pose in promotional
      photographs with his sculptures of dinosaurs and other monsters. Located
      in Pittsburgh,pa

      Pro Jobs! Video Host Sought For DVD Compilation of Short Films
      Picture This Home Video Seeking charming attractive boy to host Boys
      Briefs 5, compilation of six short films from around the world.

      Production! Feature Film
      Location: TX - Shoot: Sept/08 - Genre: Romantic Comedy - Cast: Jennifer
      Tilly. - Note: To access the contact info for this and other
      productions, login to your free Gigslist.org account and upgrade to

      Unpaid Job! Acoustic Music Acts Los Angeles Area
      Greetings from the Coffee Gallery in Altadena. We have a community stage
      in the front of our funky coffee house and would love to see it put to
      good use.

      Tips! 14 Self-Submission Tips! (part 2) by HoldonLog
      Two production companies are back to give us performers more insight as
      to what to do and what NOT to do when self-submitting for projects.
      Note: ... Login to your free Gigslist.org account to view Tip Sheets.

      Production! Feature Film
      Location: Germany - Genre: Thriller - Cast: Willem Dafoe, Charlotte
      Gainsbourg Note: To access the contact info for this and other
      productions, login to your free Gigslist.org account and upgrade to

      Unpaid Job! Internship with Music Label - Admin, Marketing, Graphics
      Seeking entry-level interns to be part of a creative team for an
      emerging pop instrumental artist/ independent record company.

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      Thank you and have a planet friendly day.

      Deborah Paulino


      Feel free to forward this to your show biz friendz;-)
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