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juggling thoughts

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  • Yvonne Tan
    Howdy all, instead of spending fruitful time outside juggling, i decided to write about juggling. This is my latest blog entry. Just wanted to share my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2006
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      Howdy all,

      instead of spending fruitful time outside juggling, i decided to write about juggling. This is my latest blog entry.

      Just wanted to share my thoughts on juggling with all the juggling flagbearers here. Would love to hear what juggling means to you too!

      PS: Has anyone else experienced the "juggler's high"?



      Weird Problem

      I'm getting touched/moved by juggling videos!!

      The right soundtrack helps.....

      the beauty of the patterns is one thing,
      and then you think about the amount of work the juggler has to put in to do something like that
      and then you ponder about the limitations of the human ability
      and the people trying to push the boundaries.

      it's inspiring,
      it's magic.

      i've been thinking about what juggling has done for/to me in recent days,
      probably because WJD just came and went

      juggling is excercise for the brain.
      -it sharpens your reflexes, and you can't stop thinking when you juggle.
      - you learn that everything complex can be broken down to simpler patterns. You learn to FIND those simpler patterns. by looking at things differently, by trying various ways of doing the same thing. You know you found it when you get the elusive "click".
      - you learn that the brain works in strange ways. sometimes it needs time to "compile" difficult patterns. you just can't get a trick until you stop juggling for a few days and let the brain unravel the pattern on its own without the hands in the way.

      juggling is meditation for the soul.
      -focus too hard, and you drop. think abt other problems, and you drop. You have to focus without really focussing. You have to be alert without really thinking. it's zen.

      juggling is character building.
      -you stay humble because you can never beat gravity. it always wins.
      -you presevere because juggling teaches you that practice will get you there someday. it may take years, but you'll get there, regardless of whether you're rich or poor, male or female.

      Juggling is fun.
      - you smile when you break your personal best which you've been stuck at for the last 3 weeks.
      - you laugh when you finally get a trick you've been working on for the last 5 months.
      - you find deep peace when you get the "juggler's high". Where you juggle without really juggling. where you find that you're one with the world, with the music, with the pattern. it's like a peek at enlightenment. Through my 7 years of juggling i've only gotten the "high" twice. i look forward to my 3rd one. i know it'll come.

      Juggling is friendship.
      you bond with pple who juggle, because we share the same interest. No politics, no frustration, no bullshit. we're all the same. we juggle.

      Juggling is ego boosting.
      i have no pretentions about my juggling, i'm totally average if i can even say that.
      but the times when bystanders came up and said they totally loved my show or that i'm "incredible", these little things you'll never forget.

      Juggling is your own personal tutor, bringing you on your own personal adventure, making you a better person along the way. A trip you'll never want to get off once you really allow yourself in.

      Juggling is love, it's passion, it's inspiration.
      You can rest, but you'll never give up on it.

      I juggle.
      and i'm very proud of it.

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