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** News ** WJF Update 9/29/05

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  • Chi Minh
    Hello jugglers in Singapore, A couple of us are attending the convention in Dec 2005. We already have a Singapore representative in USA....Yvonne :-) For
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      Hello jugglers in Singapore,
      A couple of us are attending the convention in Dec 2005.   We already have a Singapore representative in USA....Yvonne  :-)
      For your information, check out some news from Jason Garfield below.
      Chi Minh

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      Subject: WJF Update 9/29/05
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      Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 19:01:52 -0700

      September 29th, 2005

      WJF Update

      We're almost there! Prices are going up again on October 1st, 2005. If you plan on coming to the WJF convention and want to save money, pre-register before October 1st to get the best possible deal. And here's a few things you may not be aware of:

      The WJF Challenge Competitions

      • Bounce Juggling

      We've got it worked out this year! We're sectioning off part of the Riviera lobby with a hard stone floor for optimum bounce juggling. 3 minutes to get your best ball bouncing tricks. We'll also have individual and team bounce endurance competitions. The bounce juggling competitions will be held on Monday, December 19th, 2005.

      • Additionally, as part of the WJF Challenge competitions, start practicing your low 5 up 360s for the low 360s competition. Balls, rings, and clubs! Let's lower the bar on the 5 up 360s!

      • 3 Ball Jugglers! Don't forget about the 3 minute 3 ball freestyle competition. Show us something new with 3 balls, now is your chance!

      Reserve your room today!

      Starting on October 1st, the WJF will no longer be offering Hotel packages. If you plan on coming to the convention for all 6 days, buy your hotel package before the end of September. Starting on October 1st, you may still book your hotel reservation through the hotel. To take advantage of the $49/night room rates, you must make your reservation by November 21st. After November 21st, the convention rate will no longer be available. Book now and save!

      • ESPN 2

      Once again the WJF will continue to lead the world of juggling by producing more shows to air on ESPN 2 in 2006. Let's show them a good turn out. We want more people in the audience! We want to include shots of the gym and feature some new young jugglers so lets show them just how big juggling really is - You can help just by showing up!

      The WJF in Las Vegas

      The WJF has currently relocated to Las Vegas and is carrying out the school program in numerous schools in the Clark County school district. We're reaching more kids, more P.E. teachers, more everyone!

      Check for updates on our impressive line up of competitors. Many more are planning on attending to compete that have not sent in videos, so expect a lot of surprises! 

      On a personal note, I'd just like to let you all know how extremely pleased I am with the WJF and the support that we've been receiving from our fans. I never felt like I was really doing something special with my life until I started doing this. Going to schools and teaching kids how to juggle for the first time motivates me to keep going with the WJF. I'm seeing the future of juggling as I'm teaching them. And seeing how happy it makes them to see me juggle and then to learn from me, and providing a venue dedicated to competitive juggling and proper instruction, is what I'm happiest doing. I realize there are areas to improve, and I'm working on those improvements right now. Organizing this huge event is a lot of work. I enjoy doing it so the work is a pleasure. I only wish something like this existed when I first started juggling. I hope to see you all in December. If anyone has any questions at all, please feel free to email me at:

      Really, any questions at all. if you're unsure of something, if something is unclear, if you have questions about the competitions or questions about the convention, our products or the organization, I'm here to answer your questions!

      Jason Garfield
      World Juggling Federation
      Event Coordinator

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