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Re: Buskers Fest - what i saw on Sunday

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  • therealstormcloud
    Absolutely agree, the acts this year are great! I was going to watch some more tonight (Monday) but the rain has put me off. However I m going to watch on
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 18, 2002
      Absolutely agree, the acts this year are great! I was going to watch some more tonight (Monday) but the rain has put me off. However I'm going to watch on Wednesday, either at Merlion Park or the Esplanade outdoor theatre. If anyone else is going on Wednesday, SMS/phone me and we can meet up.

      Chi Minh's email has spurred me on to tell you all about what I saw on Saturday at the UE Square venue:

      Mr. Taxi Trix

      I only caught the second half of his act, unfortunately. When I arrived he had an audience member (a child of course!) on his shoulders and was swinging him around in a rather dangerous-looking (but no doubt very safe!) manner! He continued by making a double-helix balloon sculpture, juggling clubs while playing the harmonica riding on a _very_ high unicycle, and lots of jokes!


      This lady is one of only four female sword swallowers in the world. (Anyone want to be the fifth? Hui Fang? Mei Ling? Winnie?) She basically does two tricks, the sword-swallowing and escaping from a straight jacket. Although there are only two sections to her act, she adds lots of humour (especially when getting audience members to tie her up in the straight jacket!) and it's certainly impressive to watch her extricate herself from the jacket.


      Pyromancer's act contains a _lot_ of fire! He "pois" with burning ropes, plays with burning "swinging clubs", and a _lot_ of fire-breathing! One word of warning: do not start chatting on your mobile phone during his act, he'll take it away from you and then make sure that you become part of the act somehow! The poi-ing and club-swinging is certainly graceful -- look out for the parts where he swings both ropes _within_ his outstretched arms, making a circle of fire right next to his body.

      Edo-Daikagura Senji & Senmaru Kagami

      These two japanese men do some rather fine balancing (multiple teacups, blocks of wood, balls, etc), some unbrella-spinning (which is something I've never seen before -- spinning balls, cups etc on top of paper umbrellas), and a few other tricks mainly involving balancing and/or spinning objects of one kind or another. I particularly liked the "grand finale" which involved teacups spraying water much like a fountain. It's a rather more restrained show that draws you in through the gentle beauty of what they're doing rather than through extroverted audience participation, and it's well worth seeing.

    • NewtonCircus
      wowee zowee, sounds excellent. am itching to go check it out myself but only free on thursday. btw, for those who weren t around at the youth park last friday,
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 18, 2002
        wowee zowee, sounds excellent. am itching to go check it out myself but
        only free on thursday.

        btw, for those who weren't around at the youth park last friday, we were
        'visited' by some of the busker guys -- i believe it was Brendan The
        Pretty Good and Alakazam (i forgot what his real name was), and another
        guy whose name i didnt get, who kept saying he wasnt a juggler (but could
        pass clubs with Brendan). i'm not sure if they knew we had a juggler's
        meet there or just 'happened to be passing by' ...

        trick of the day was brendan juggling two clubs and a skateboard. OKAY so
        it's not as hard as five clubs but it looks pretty good ...

        this is not to mention the cirque du monde chap who came by earlier too...


        --- mackerel <mackerel@...> wrote:
        > Hullo Jugglers and others
        > Yesterday, I caught some excellent performances at the Robertson Walk
        > courtyard venue. This year's line-up of performers is much better than
        > last year. Looks like the number of sponsors the organiser got this year
        > helped in bringing in more (and better) buskers.
        > Here's a quick run-down of what I've seen so far at just the Robertson
        > Walk venue:
        > JOHN HIGBY - yo-yo extraordinaire from Alaska with very good
        > showmanship. loved his easy-going style and great work with the
        > audience; he made a little girl look like a real circus star using easy
        > tricks, and got Mei Ling to execute a neat yo-yo stunt with him. Watch
        > out for his tiny unicycle which has a wheel with a diameter of about 8
        > inches.
        > ALAKAZAM - gut-wrenching punk contortionist from Sydney who comes
        > complete with all-over tatoos and nipple rings. this guy looks mean,
        > which contrasts neatly with his brilliant comic timing. his contortions
        > will terrify you while his jokes split your sides. Loved his act!
        > PIERRE L'SUR - A Kiwi funnyman who has some neat ball juggling tricks
        > and diabolo too. Chuckles he will give you.
        > PETER PANIC - this slightly balding man from Boston has got to be this
        > year's SRBF technical juggler! Circus style juggling that will take
        > your breath away. Mind you, he juggles 5 clubs just to WARM UP. 7-ball
        > bouncing, 5-balls etc. and his routine with 5 water-polo balls!!
        > Head-balances, head-rolls, foot holds, neck-holds, staying composed
        > while little kids are running uncontrolled and throwing balls at him,
        > PETER PANic does it all with incredible ease.
        > HILBY THE SKINNY GERMAN BOY - do you remember Kammann who came here
        > about 2 -3 festivals back? I tell ya, Germans are not a serious people;
        > they have a wicked sense of humour. Hilby reminds me of Kammann:
        > excellent juggling skills, fierce demeanour with a funny bone, pokes fun
        > at his
        > own race, has massive ego which he'll throw out the window if he feels
        > like it, excellent stage presence and crowd interaction, keeps the whole
        > show flowing well by loosening and tightening the pace at appropriate
        > times. Solid act which validates the Germans' reputation for producing
        > high quality goods.
        > OKA - a trio of musicians from Down Under. great loops of sound meshed
        > with live didgeridoo, flute, and percussion. loved it so much i bought
        > their CD. they travel with a mobile studio in a flight-case!
        > cheers y'all
        > Chi Minh
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