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  • Yvonne Tan
    Aug 6, 2006
      look what i found on a certain juggler's blog.

      Title: Juggler's Optimism

      It's done!! the first singapore jugglers video!

      yay!!! watch it on youtube!


      ok, be warned that it is quite badly done. the frame size is small, the quality isn't great, the juggling isn't great and the editing sucks. But the music rocks and so does the idea of street juggling!

      this isn't even the full thing. Darren hasn't passed me his footage so there're some great stuff (like the rollercoaster escalator juggling) i haven't added in. i was just playing around with editing and this is the first one done and i'm too excited to keep my mouth shut.

      i'm uploading another video (done 3 years ago) onto youtube as i speak. the editing was fine, trying to figure out how to save it from a 256 MB video to a more managable 30MB took almost the whole day. and uploading on youtube takes another half a day. bummer.

      it's so fun though! and one day, the dots will all connect....

      You know what optimism is?

      optimism is when you've spent 6 months picking up 500,000 drops, and you finally go from 5 catches to 6 catches, and you feel elated at how far you've progressed. Even scarier, you yearn for more such "success".

      that's optimism.
      juggler's optimism.


      One day our juggling video will be much better in quality. Both in terms of footage (i think the cameras need to be set on high resolution and max size, the frame size is puny!) and in the juggling technique.

      it sure was fun though! juggling in the booth next to the lady trying to make a phone call.

      just spoke to tempei and MJ abt the JJF!
      it looks increasingly likely we might be able to go!
      what bliss if we really do make it!
      something to look forward to......

      who cares abt 500,000 drops when you can see 6 catches, right? :)


      much excitement over nothing much really,
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