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Fw: No Criminals in Parliament : Lead India'09

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  • Milap Choraria
    ... From: Milap Choraria Subject: No Criminals in Parliament : Lead India 09 To: rti-times@lists.riseup.net Cc: Her Excellency
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2009
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      Subject: No Criminals in Parliament : Lead India'09
      To: rti-times@...
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      Date: Friday, March 13, 2009, 5:45 PM

      I am happy that originally a No Criminals Idea first time innovated by me in the year of 1995, is now taking a momentum by Lead India’09 of the Times of India’ with the support of www.NoCriminals.Org.  


      On 9th August, 1995, I filed Civil Writ Petition No. 559/95, interalia with the following prayers: -

      i)         ISSUE direction to respondent No. 1 (Union of India) to make appropriate law in compliance of Constitution of India restricting entry of criminals into the politics by participating in the Election process to become the members of Parliament or State Legislative Assembly of any State;

      ii)                   ISSUE direction to respondent No. 2 (Election Commission of India) to evolve a method to restrict the candidature of a person, facing criminal proceedings in any Court of Law, for the Membership of Parliament or State Legislative Assemblies and after due approval from this Hon’ble Court, impose the same for future elections till the respondent No. 1 makes Law; as prayed for under prayer No. i ) hereinabove.

      Paragraph 14 of the aforesaid Writ Petition was as under:-

      a)      No person can contest Election for Parliament or State Assembly, if he is accused in any criminal proceedings and Police prima-facie had satisfied with the complaint by filing charge sheet, till he not discharged or acquitted from such criminal case by a Court of Law;

      b)      No person can contest Election for Parliament or State Assembly, unless he declares all the properties and business of his family members, before the Law Commission;

      c)       The Members of Parliament and / or State Legislative Assemblies should be defined as Public Servants under all criminal laws.   


      However, under serious biasness, on 29th August 1995, the Hon’ble Chief Justice’s Court presided by A. M. Ahmadi, C.J. as then was, dismissed the said Writ Petition with observations that Court can’t do anything in such matter, causes a heavy damage to the Nation.


      LEAD INDIA ’09 Campaign for: “NO CRIMINALS.”  

      Some extracts from the WWW.NoCriminals.org:

      The core idea of the 'No Criminals' campaign is to launch a nationwide effort to enable large numbers of citizens to appeal to political parties not to give tickets to people with criminal antecedents in the upcoming elections.


      Sixty two years after winning independence, India waits to be free again. To be freed from criminals who have muscled their way into power. In 2004, about one in five MPs had criminal records, including some with charges of heinous crimes such as murder, rape, dacoity and kidnapping. This seriously tarnishes the image of honest and eminent leaders who are committed to building a greater India . It is time for every citizen of India to become a freedom fighter and unite to free India from the clutches of criminals. As citizens of a free nation, we appeal to all the political parties to refrain from giving tickets to persons with criminal backgrounds. And take an oath to free India from criminals forever.


      Campaign for “NO CRIMINALS” in Politics

      A national campaign

      The recent Mumbai attacks have once again highlighted the need for individuals with a high level of personal integrity to provide effective leadership for our country. It is well known that across party lines, a number of individuals with criminal antecedents are given tickets to contest elections.

      There is little public pressure on political parties to not give tickets to such individuals. In 2004, about 20% of those who were elected to Parliament had criminal antecedents. This problem is prevalent across most political parties. This tears into the moral fabric of the country and has an impact on governance.

      The ‘No Criminals’ Campaign Idea

      The upcoming general elections offer citizens an opportunity to make an appeal to political parties not to give tickets to persons with criminal antecedents. The core idea therefore is to launch a nationwide campaign to enable citizens to express their opinion on this issue in a visible way.

      The Campaign

      The campaign will cover the whole of India . It will build on the public mood in the country to appeal to all political parties. A series of efforts, including widespread use of audio-visual media, print, internet, mobile phones, etc., will be made to reach out to a large number of people across the country. Efforts will also be made to leverage the strengths of existing groups that have done work in the area of not having people with criminal antecedents contest in elections such as the Association for Democratic Reforms, the National Election Watch, etc.

      The Timeline

      It is expected that general elections will be held in phases beginning in April 2009. This gives us a short window to reach out to citizens across the country.

      The Desired Outcome

      No political party to give tickets to people with criminal antecedents in the 2009 general elections.



      It happens every five years.You first become infamous. That in turn makes you famous. Then you graduate to a criminal degree, surrender yourself to the law and file an appeal. And soon you can stand for the same office that passes those laws.

      Dear national leaders, it’s time to stop this mockery by calling it democracy. It’s time to put your hand on your heart before you place it on the head of someone who could have a criminal past. Because every time you bless one of them, you condemn millions of us.

      Harsh words, yes, but a harsher reality awaits us if we don’t do something now. And here’s how simple it is. It doesn’t matter if you can’t give us statesmen, visionaries or great thinkers, but please, please don’t put up anyone with a criminal past.

      For in our minds, it’s against the law.
      This time round, Lead India ’09 will fight for a criminal-free parliament by exposing every dubious candidate before we go to the polls. That, we swear.

      We invite you to join this signature campaign :-

      1. Take the Pledge For No Criminals In Politics
      2. Access criminal records of MPs and update information on criminal activities that you may know of. 3. Send an SMS to 567678 typing NC<space>PINCODE and register yourself. Any person can send an SMS and register themselves with the initiative. They will immediately receive a response regarding the criminal charges against the current MPs from their constituency. They will also be apprised about the new candi dates' criminal charges, if any, prior to the election dates.
      3. Let’s aim to have a million votes for No Criminals in politics.
        About No Criminals
      4. www.NoCriminals.org that provides the voter easy access to information about candidates with criminal antecedents. The website will also keep them updated with data on candidates fighting in the April-May election.
      5. An initiative of The Forum for Clean Politics, under the aegis of The Public Interest Foundation, the campaign aims to reach out across India and urge citizens to come together and make sure 'No Criminals’ are given tickets to contest. The campaign will appeal to political parties to refrain from allowing persons with criminal charges to run for polls.
      6. Association with worthy bodies like ADR, Association for Democratic Reforms and National Election Watch with expertise in the area, will ensure voters are equipped with authentic data. The campaign has other stalwarts as soldiers as well. NGOs, intellectuals, academicians, industry bodies are all coming together to raise their voice against criminals as candidates.
      7. This campaign is a step beyond making citizens vigilant about their right to vote. It is a campaign to alert the citizen that he also has the right to demand a suitable candidate.

      Milap Choraria 
      Editor: Suchna Ka Adhikar / RTI TIMES
      National Convenor :
      Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP)
      http://milapchoraria.tripod.com/msp http://rtitimes.net

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