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Suggestions Invited

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  • Milap Choraria
    Suggestions Invited In a democracy, `Right to Know or `Suchna Ka Adhikar is an important Human and Fundamental Right of the Citizen. There is no doubt that
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2006
      Suggestions Invited

      In a democracy, `Right to Know' or `Suchna Ka Adhikar' is an
      important Human and Fundamental Right of the Citizen. There is no
      doubt that `Voting Right' is important, but the present Voting
      system, do not ensure representative character within elected
      representatives, thus left immune from any commitment to deliver
      their Masters: Voters. Democratic aspirations of the people of
      India, enumerated in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, cannot
      be fulfilled, unless fundamental principles essential for a
      democracy are not translated in action. `Right to Know' or `Suchna
      Ka Adhikar' is derived and inferred from Article 19(1)(a) of the
      Constitution and also from those fundamental principles, as one step
      forward, empowering the `VOTERS' to use it as a powerful tool, to
      have some control over the reins of the powers, its functioning and
      to check wrong doings of the power mongers. In this respect a lot of
      activism and ground work to create awareness amongst the people has
      been done, wherein Shri Anna Hazare, and Mrs. Aruna Roy have played
      leading roles along with several individuals and organisations. I
      have also parted in the issue by submitting my detail suggestions
      for amendment in the Official Secrets Act, in Civil Writ Petition
      (PIL) No. 151 of 1996 before Supreme Court of India. After enactment
      of the Right to Information Act, 2005, the voice of the individual
      common man bloomed into a strong voice of the people of India. I
      myself submitted about 400 applications to different Public
      Authorities. But, after enactment of the law, the `Babus' in the
      Government started feeling the heat of the Right, as they suffered
      from fearing that the corrupt practices would be in a way to be

      Democracy requires an informed citizenry and transparency in
      information which are vital to its functioning, to check the
      corruption and to hold governments and their instrumentalities
      accountable to the governed. In the context, we need to strengthen
      the aforesaid Law providing more teeth to deal with the wrong doers,
      who try to hoodwink the principle of the `Right to Know' or `Suchna
      Ka Adhikar'. To establish a practical regime of `Right to Know'
      or `Suchna Ka Adhikar' for citizens, in order to promote complete
      transparency and accountability, the access to the `information'
      under the control and in the process of working of every public
      authority should be ensured. Secrecy must be exceptional and
      subjective. At any cost, no authority should be allowed to misuse
      the exceptionality, to protect the corrupt practices at any level
      and any kind.

      Therefore, need of the hour is to make the Right to Information, a
      vibrant "All-India Movement", committed individuals working towards
      making government and society more transparent and accountable,
      seeking, manifestation of the laudable assurances given to the
      people in general through the expressions given in the PREAMBLE of
      the Indian Constitution. With such a views broadly speaking, the
      idea is to publish a monthly Magazine, Title of which already is
      approved by the Registrar of Newspaper for India.

      Therefore need of the time is also to spread the printing and
      publishing of the Magazine, in the local languages at the local
      levels, at the maximum possible at each and every City/District in
      the Country, so maximum coverage to local issues relating to `Right
      to Know' or `Suchna Ka Adhikar' is possible, and each local edition
      should be independent, in all respects. Single Title of the Magazine
      would help in strengthening its impact, as well as it would help in
      uniting the people as a combined strength, from different parts of
      the country.

      To give it a concrete shape, to publish a Magazine under single
      title with a public cause, with the support from different people
      from different part of India, suggestions are invited as to what
      should be details for the working including the broad terms and
      conditions acceptable to all, for such a publication.

      Your Suggestion may be on any of the following or any other
      incidental issues thereto:
      · the formation, constitution, and responsibilities of the
      Advisory Board for the Magazine with the cause of the Right to Know;
      (You can also suggest few names of some Eminent Person from the
      Society, committed to the Cause of the Right to Know, to include in
      the Advisory Board, after their concurrence).
      · selection of Local NGO or Individual: entrusted with the
      editing and publishing responsibility, for the `Local Edition' of
      the Magazine;
      · code of conducts for the Publishers and Editors of the
      Local Editions, so no one can allowed to commit yellow journalism;
      · financial relationship between the Magazine and Local
      · minimum number of copies of the Local Edition of the
      Magazine should be allowed to start with;
      · minimum number of pages of the Local Edition of the
      Magazine should be allowed to start with;
      · principle to fix price for Local Edition in consideration
      of the estimated cost, prospects for advertisement, and availability
      of profit for the Publishers and Editors of the Local Edition;
      · any other related issue.
      Hope for your favour with encouraging suggestion.
      Milap Choraria
      B-5/52, Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi-110085
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