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RE: [Simply Computers] ClassicShell for Win8?

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    Thanks, Alan. Great info. I ll definitely give this a try if I keep the Win8 computer. SB ... From: simplycomputers2@yahoogroups.com
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      Thanks, Alan.

      Great info. I'll definitely give this a try if I keep the Win8 computer.


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      I have tried Classic Shell but there was something about it I didn't like.
      Can't remember what unfortunately.

      I've had very good experiences using Start8 from Stardock on new computers
      since Windows 8 came on the scene. And it comes out as one of the best in
      comparison reviews of all the possible Start buttons for Win 8 (there are a
      lot to choose from). Most of my clients so far don't want to have anything
      to do with the new tiled interface and you can configure Start8 so that you
      don't even notice you have Windows 8 on the computer. Then it's like working
      in Windows 7, which a lot of people prefer. It's just more familiar. Nothing
      complicated. You just benefit from the extra start-up speed and other Win8
      features like the new Taskbar.

      The only drawback of Start8 in the beginning was that it was awkward to make
      shortcuts of programs on your desktop (you had to use a combination of the
      Alt key with your left mouse) but later updates changed this so that you can
      just right click a program in the Start menu and copy it to your desktop in
      the normal way. Same as in older operating systems.

      I can't find any faults with Start8 at all. You can configure it in
      different ways to leave the hot corners active if you want to have live Apps
      available in the top left corner of your desktop, like News. Or you can just
      cut the hot corners out altogether and also get the computer to boot
      straight into the desktop instead of going to the normal Windows 8 Start
      Menu first. Basically, you can set it up so you never have to go to the
      Windows 8 Start Menu at all once you've got the necessary shortcuts on your
      desktop for all your programs (though you can still access it at any time if
      you want). It sounds like this is what your client would like.

      One last tip is to check the default programs. Otherwise your client will
      end up in a Window 8 App if he/she opens a photo, plays music or opens a PDF
      file. Make sure you have a good PDF program installed like Adobe Reader
      first, then change the setting in default programs from Apps to Adobe Reader
      for PDF. Likewise for photos and music. I usually change the default to
      Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player (or ITunes as the case may

      Just show the user the Windows logo key on the keyboard, then he or she can
      always get out of app and back to the desktop any time. I have quite a few
      older clients and they want things really simple. Quite right too.

      Here's Start8. It's not free but it only costs $5.00. Or you can try it out
      first for 30 days.



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      Verzonden: donderdag 7 maart 2013 8:53
      Aan: simplycomputers2
      Onderwerp: [Simply Computers] ClassicShell for Win8?

      I'm shopping for a desktop pc for someone who will use it for email,
      occasional doc editing, and web surfing. I'm going to be setting it up and
      tutoring the user, so as an XP hold-out, I'd much prefer Win7 for the new
      pc, but all the desktops at the local stores come with Win8. There are a few
      Win7 machines online, but I hesitate to buy that way (hard to return/deal
      with problems). I can get a custom-built pc with Win7, but it will cost
      more. Still looking at other options such as refurbished.

      Today I bought an Asus CM1745-07 that was a display model ($400; 2-week
      return window), but it's Win8. The salesman said a free program called
      Classicshell.net would make Win8 look and feel like Win7.

      Does anyone have experience with ClassicShell? Pros and cons? Are there
      better ways to achieve the same thing?

      Thanks, SB
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