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Re: Help: Windows 7 Super slow, and constant "Not Responding"

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  • RogerX19
    I would make the restore disks. But I would wait until she is feeling better before I ran them. You need to determine if there is anything on the computer that
    Message 1 of 13 , Dec 3, 2012
      I would make the restore disks.

      But I would wait until she is feeling better before I ran them.

      You need to determine if there is anything on the computer that she needs, and that you need to make copies of.

      The restore disks may wipe the computer clean before restoring Windows.

      We have a number of computer techs in this Group who could probably repair that computer without deleting everything, but you would have to get it to them (ship it or drive it over)

      If I had it here, I would run the restore disks.

      The restore will set the computer back to the way it was when new, but will not show what has been modified since (to answer your question)

      There's a possiblity that the restore disks will just restore Windows, and leave her personal files intact, but you won't know that until you run them. So make any necessary backups first.

      There's also a possiblity that if the computer was infected with malware at one time, that the restore files are corrupted also. But you won't know until you try running the restore program.

      good luck


      --- In simplycomputers2@yahoogroups.com, wanliker@... wrote:
      > Vincent/Roger/Mike,
      > I got into Administrator last night, and was able to run: SFC /scannow. I
      > didn't see anything there that was alarming, but after I did the scan, I
      > was able to do a defrag, took 9 passes for it to finish, and about two 1/2
      > hours to finish it. It was at 7% fragmation.
      > I called the owner tonight, and she said it was a used computer, and she
      > did not get any discs with it.
      > There is a title to click to make restoration discs, would it do any good
      > now? Would the disc show what Dell/Windows put in it when it was mfg. Or
      > what has been modified since then?
      > I have CCleaner downloaded, as well as AVAST, but they still won't
      > install, I hit INSTALL, and they both go to "Not Responding" yet. Also the Box
      > for the Install also goes pale in color.
      > Easy Fix Tools is installed, should I try it? I looked online, and there
      > were some negative reports about it, saying not to run it???
      > If I don't know what something is, I do run a search and see what I can
      > find out about it before I consider running it
      > Sun Dec 2, 2012 3:44 am (PST) . Posted by:
      > _"Vincent Winterling" vincentwinterling _
      > (mailto:vincewinterling@...?subject=Re:%20Help:%20Windows%207%20Super%20slow,%20and%20constant%20"Not%20
      > Responding")
      > See the directions here for running the command prompt as admin:
      > _http://technet.http://techttp://techttp://technet._
      > (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc947813) (v=ws.10).aspx
      > Vincent Winterling
      > Vineland, NJ
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    • IKnowComputers
      HOw much RAM in the machine?
      Message 2 of 13 , Dec 5, 2012
        HOw much RAM in the machine?

        --- In simplycomputers2@yahoogroups.com, wanliker@... wrote:
        > Help: Windows 7 Super slow, and a constant "Not Responding" message.
        > Trying to help a friend, Dell Laptop, running an Intel Core 2 Duo.
        > Windows 7.
        > It was super slow, so I have been checking things on it, it had never had
        > windows Update ran on it, when I did so it installed over 140 updates.
        > I have not changed any settings.as it had ran before with them.
        > I was able to download Malwarebytes, and install it, scanned, and showed 7
        > hits on it, that I had it remove???
        > There is no apparent security programs on it, but I did download, and
        > upgrade Microsoft Security Essentials, and it did not find anything on the
        > computer, when I ran it.
        > My problem is that the computer is slow, measured in minutes, and almost
        > anything you click on gets the (Not Responding) notation. And can't install
        > any programs, or much of anything else..
        > I wanted to download a Spyware program, and run that, but it will only go
        > thru the first few steps, and as soon as I click on INSTALL, where the
        > installation should start, it hangs, permanently showing (Not responding).
        > I have left it running overnight to see if it might respond later, did not
        > happen.
        > I am doing this via WiFi, and it is connecting well.
        > Everything that has failed , has been ran several times to be sure it was
        > consistent.
        > Please Help me, as I am at a loss right now.
        > Thank you,
        > bill
        > Alb.
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