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Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ... I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Erin Erin Triplett Program Director, Breast and Cervical Cancer Program at PUBLIC
Erin Triplett
Aug 2, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

Hello all, Lina, thanks for the insight of framing our simple living as a positive act of moving toward something (closeness to God), rather than a negative
John H W Houser
Feb 11, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

I usually plan my simple month to coincide with the start of Lent, so I will be holding off until next month. However, I wanted to share something I came
Lina Gudenas
Feb 9, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

And so it begins... Like John, figuring out simple life with a family is a bit of a challenge. Even some of my local intentional behaviors like walking to the
Matt Day
Feb 2, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

Relevant to our work here, here's an article by a philosophy post-doc at Oxford, who has pledged to live life like a grad student and donate 1 million pounds
John H W Houser
Jan 30, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

Hey all, February is almost here. This year, simple monthin' is going to have a different spin that usual for me, for as many of you know, my wife Sarah and I
John H W Houser
Jan 29, 2011

Re: Simple Month!

I'm down for this. Or down for pretending I'm doing this, but still buying stuff I don't need, but at least being a bit more consciously aware of it. Which is
Erin Triplett
Jan 24, 2011

Simple Month!

... January is once again nearing its end, which means Simple Month, aka Month o' Simplicity, aka FJVuary, is here again! I have very much enjoyed the
John H W Houser
Jan 23, 2011
John H W Houser
Feb 4, 2010

Re: A different format

John et al, Thank you for getting this together! Although I am a few days late, please add me to the group.   I look forward to sharing this month of
Candice Harris
Feb 4, 2010

Re: A different format

Hi John, Yes, I'm definitely interested. Please add me to the list. I hope all is well with your family! Thinking of adding kids yet?? Travis To:
Travis Neuman
Feb 2, 2010

A different format

Hey all, I know most of you already got a message from me, but some of us are returning to the original format on the Month O' Simplicity, and keeping one
Feb 2, 2010

sorry about the spammer

I set the memberships so people need permission to join now.
Oct 21, 2009

Re: The Trick To Setting Your Own Grocery Prices!

Re: The Trick To Setting Your Own Grocery Prices! I have picked up so many great tips over the years from the different groups that I am a member of but the
Oct 21, 2009

Re: three cups of beer

Hi everyone,   So here is my reflection of this Lenten season/ Simplicity Challenge.   Lent in general has been a challenge for me.  Pretty much everything
Lexie Lasch
Apr 7, 2009
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