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  • Hugh
    In the last news from John on this site re the next volume, he was looking to early January. Thank you for your comments Roberto. In trying to get a better
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      In the last news from John on this site re the next volume, he was
      looking to early January.

      Thank you for your comments Roberto. In trying to get a better
      understanding of Captain Ross, I was focusing on the more restrictive
      sides of his personality and linking this (perhaps) to Simak's
      experience of his own father's restrictive side. As you have made
      clear in your postings, there are also very positive qualities to Ross
      (as there would have been in Simak's own father, I'm sure). The
      relationship between Ross and Hoot is such a joy, and Ross appears to
      be open to Hoot in a way that the other characters are not (even though
      we are reading Ross's account). I like your thought that Ross and Hoot
      embody different aspects of Simak: the mystical and the side that needs
      to make a living.

      The great quality, I think, about Ross is that he learns and is able to
      integrate this new learning. He goes through very difficult
      experiences, and is able to change for the better.
      For instance:
      Page 171, Daw edition, "all the others had been right and I was wrong".
      Page 190, in regard to the doll that he had previously dismissed,
      "It might be that the carving of the doll had been a greater feat, a
      more intellectual, certainly a more emotional, accomplishment than the
      building of the city and the planting of the trees".
      And of course in the end, together with Roscoe, Paint and Sara,
      Page 207 "And now within my brain it all came together...Not knowing
      how, but filled with mystic faith, we all took the step out into the
      infinite unknowing and were there".

      In connection to this shift to another reality/universe, I wonder about
      Roscoe's role in this, although this is not explicit. Early on in the
      book we hear about his telepathic ability, but when we finally meet him
      there is no demonstration of this (perhaps because his brain case has
      been hammered for decades, centuries even, by centaur mallets).
      However in the later stages of the book Roscoe becomes "whole and well
      again. I am my olden self" (page 197). In the final confrontation
      with the raveners, it is Roscoe who says "Captain Ross, I think I
      finally have it", referring to understanding "in fullness, the concept
      of multiple realities". Very soon afterward Sara realises that the
      doll is a tool that can be used to move between realities, and Ross
      reconnects with the Hoot dimension in himself, and together they
      all "step out into the infinite unknowing". So was Roscoe's telepathy
      involved in this joint realisation?

      One other thought. When the party reach the "false heaven" of Lawrence
      Arlen Knight, robots are not allowed in (probably because they cannot
      be enchanted). However at the end of the book, Roscoe and Paint have
      as much right as Ross and Sara to enter the "heaven" of the other
      reality. I like that.

      I also see something of the ending of Mirage/Seven Came Back, one of my
      favourite Simak stories, in this ending. I enjoy these reworkings.

      I do enjoy this book. The comments from others have made me more open
      to it, from my first hurried (and somewhat dismissive) reading a few
      years ago.

      Best wishes

      --- In simak-fan@yahoogroups.com, "Roberto Maitilasso" <Roberto@...>
      > Hugh, congratulations on your comments. I think they are deep and
      correct. I think there is nothing to add - you said everything, and
      said it very well.
      > What about the further compilations of the short stories of Simak? If
      I remember correctly a new issue was expected around Christmas.
      > Take care
      > Roberto
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