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Jambore Pencak Silat Seni 2005

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  • Yanweka
    Assalamualaikum. Panasonic Jambore of Pencak-Silat seni which executed on July 28, 2005 until Juli 30, 2005 in location Encampment Of Cibubur East of Jakarta,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005


      Panasonic Jambore of Pencak-Silat seni which executed on July 28, 2005 until Juli 30, 2005 in location Encampment Of Cibubur East of Jakarta, have been closed by opening process Bapak Rahmat Gobel. This Activity is executed as one of the lifting art and culture in pencak-silat and in following by participant from more 30 Pengda IPSI in Indonesia.

      Hopefully with existence of execution  jambore of penca-silat seni, will breathe life into newly for pesilat to keep developing this Indonesia self-defence.

      We say success to IPSI/Persilat to the well-held event him of Pencak Silat Seni  and hopefully for event to come more amount of Perguruan / Aliran which join in in the activity of.


      members silat-indonesia


    • oong53
      AUGUST FIRST By O ong Maryono www.kpsnusantara.com After the Jamboree Traditional Pencak Silat 2005 was conducted successfully in Cibubur, East Jakarta, the
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 2, 2005

        By O'ong Maryono

        After the Jamboree Traditional Pencak Silat 2005 was conducted
        successfully in Cibubur, East Jakarta, the staff of the Indonesian
        Silat Association (IPSI) and of the International Federation of
        Silat (PERSILAT) became again busy preparing for another important
        event to celebrate the 57th anniversary of IPSI this time at the
        Padepokan Pencak Silat Indonesia in Taman Mini, Jakarta on August 1,
        2005. For several days the Padepokan was cleaned and made look
        beautiful. All along the road in the area many flags were posted.
        Security forces were also hard-working placing a metal detector gate
        and ensuring tight security for the expected participation of the
        Indonesian "Mister One", President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
        At the same time, a small, but significant event was occurring which
        deserves to be recorded for PERSILAT members, namely the official
        opening of the new PERSILAT Office. In the period when Gen. Eddie M
        Nalapraya had a double function as President of both IPSI and
        PERSILAT, the activities of both organizations fell under one roof.
        the election at the XI IPSI Congress in 2003 of Gen Prabowo Subiakto
        for the period 2003-2007, and the remaining in office of Gen. Eddie M
        Nalapraya as President of PERSILAT for the term ending in June 2006,
        the two organizations became more independent from each other. While
        temporarily housed in the Padepokan Hotel, PERSILAT started the
        renovation of an unused building in the Padepokan complex originally
        devoted to the promotion of the mental and spiritual aspects of
        silat to become its new office. The opening was attended by the
        Executive Chairman Mr.Rachmad Gobel and representatives of many
        PERSILAT members including President Pencak Silat Thailand Mr.
        Wanmohammadnoor Matha with his staff, President Pencak Silat Japan
        Ms.Yumi Kondo, President Pencak Silat Malaysia Mr. H.Megat Zulkarnain
        Haji Omardin, President Pencak Silat Singapore Mr. Abdullah Shafie
        Mohammad Sidik, President Pencak Silat Myanmar Mr.U Mya, President
        Pencak Silat UK Mr. Aidinal Al Rasjid , President Pencak Silat The
        Netherlands Mr. George L.Fredriksz , Vice President Pencak Silat
        Mr.Denis Turishchev, and the President Pencak Silat West Australia
        David Jennings.

        After the opening and a small reception, Gen. Eddie M Nalapraya
        the guests to show the facility. Mr. Wanmohammadnoor Matha took the
        opportunity to present Gen. Eddie M Nalapraya with an award of
        appreciation for his deeds. The PERSILAT members congratulated the
        President for the successful opening and expressed the hope that with
        the opening of the new office, activities will get new impetus, and
        information about pencak silat will be spread widely in the world to
        enhance international participation.

        While waiting for the main event the guests returned to their hotel
        rooms. At 18:00 o'clock the main arena pencak silat (Pondok Gede)
        started to become busy with many people gradually entering the
        under the army and police control. One hour before the arrival of the
        Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the arena was packed
        with at least 1000 people. The public was varied consisting of
        personnel, businessmen, government officials and pesilat. Also
        were a number of ministers from the "Indonesia Bersatu"
        Indonesia) cabinet including Mr.Adyiaksa Dault as the Youth & Sport
        Minister, Mr.Hatta Rajasa as the Transportation Minister, and
        Mr.Muhammad Ma'ruf as the Interior Minister, Mr. Soetardjo
        Soejogoeritno as Deputy Parliament Chair, and the Deputy Governor of
        Jakarta Mr. Fauzi Bowo.
        At the arrival of the President, all of the participants stood up
        and gave applause to the head of state. Standing up the president and
        the public listened to the national anthem. At the end, a procession
        senior pencak silat masters advanced together to hand a keris pusaka
        the IPSI President Probowo Subiakto, who as the representative of all
        schools of pencak silat in Indonesia handed it over to the President
        Indonesia as a symbol of him being a master among all the masters
        (Pendekar Utama) for both IPSI and PERSILAT. In his speech, Gen.
        Prabowo Subiakto further stressed that the President of Indonesia as
        representative of the nation and its culture, duly received the honor
        of "Pendekar Utama". As he further explained, a Pendekar
        Utama is a
        person who has integrity of character as a leader, is a good example
        the nation, brings alive peace and harmony, and works for the
        prosperity and progress of the country.

        The President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who was
        wearing the black pencak silat uniform, looked pleased with receiving
        such a significant award. In his speech he thanked for the honor and
        invited all pencak silat masters (pendekar), including himself, to
        continuously strengthen their qualities and always help the weak.
        Further, he reminded the public that pencak silat is a martial art
        for self-defense. It is not meant to be aggressive or attack others.
        However if the sovereignty of our own country is threatened, then we
        must defend ourselves as also articulated in the philosophy of pencak
        Pencak silat can be both hard and soft. If we are under attack, we
        first use soft power, with blocking and avoiding. But if the opponent
        continues to attack and we are in danger, then we will respond with
        hard power. No matter what however, a pesilat must hold consistently
        to the principle of self-defense.
        The President's speech got standing ovations as it was given with
        spirit and without text. Thereafter a series of performances from all
        of martial arts started. The ambassador of Japan Mr. Yutaka Imura
        showed his adeptness to play katana from Aido styles. In the end, the
        pencak silat team showed his aptitude getting enthusiast applauses.
        With this the ceremony ended and a new tradition was born. In the
        IPSI had given the title of Pembina Pencak Silat to former President
        Suharto, but from now on the title of "pendekar utama" will
        institutionalized and reserved for future heads of state.
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