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Re: Re:Translations (was maiden's headgear)

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  • Jeff Smith
    Sorry for coming into this late after being asked for early. To be honest, this isn t my lane,a nd I m not sure how officer linguists languages are selected
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 1999
      Sorry for coming into this late after being asked for early. To be honest,
      this isn't my lane,a nd I'm not sure how officer linguists' languages are
      selected -- and, yes, there are officer linguists in the Foreign Area
      Officer (FAO) Program.

      I was a FAO years ago, but left the program without receiving additional
      language training (I already had a degree in German). What they told me
      then (12-odd years ago) was that the same rules apply here as in elsewhere
      in the Army: if you ask for something the Army has a need for
      (Serbo-Croatian is a good example), you have a good chance of getting it.
      If you ask for something the Army doesn't need (French and German, for
      example, where they are on "our side" and we don't need to train as many
      linguists), you're going to be out of luck.

      Bottom line: if your requests coincide with the needs of the Army, you're
      OK. If not, the odds are not in your favor.


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      >Ma'am :-),
      > I think the change had something to do with increasing recruiting. I know
      >I was offered Arabic when I enlisted. As I got C's in English and barely
      >passed Russian in high school I instead chose Aviation. Linguists are still
      >needed, And current emphisis is on Slavic languages:-) though this is
      >Serbian/Croatian. The guys I was talking to jokingly refered to the "Turbo
      >Serbo" program they had to go through:-)
      >Alexandr of Tulcea
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