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Re: [sig] Re: pearl embroidery

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  • LiudmilaV@aol.com
    In a message dated 2/24/2005 1:48:53 PM Pacific Standard Time, seonaid13@yahoo.com writes: Er, just checking online, it seems that potato and button pearls
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      In a message dated 2/24/2005 1:48:53 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      seonaid13@... writes:

      Er, just checking online, it seems that potato and button pearls
      are 'not round, more almost-round or oval' -- is that correct?
      That is correct. Pearl in period items are mostly irregular, more oval then
      round, and drilled along shorter axis. Most look more like potato pearls, but
      some have one side near-flat, like button pearls found today.

      Ah ha! Now I have a mental image. So theoretically, the pearls and
      the gold would be couched to the bel', not the fabric? *whistles*
      That's really fine-work. Could the bel' have been a very narrow
      strip of fabric? I would think that as a base, it would actually
      have to be rather flat?

      No, it wasn't fabric. The yarn in question is soft, so it lays relatively
      flat. However, you do get a slight raised effect, which is very striking. To me,
      it doesn't seem to be as much of "fine-work" as other kinds of embroidery,
      but it does require care. I put a picture into "Liudmila's Book Finds" at the
      list site that shows a 1550 shrowd woth pearls removed, where you can see how
      the bel' was laid out, and how the gold cord surrounded it. By the way, that
      embroidery also used to have gold or gold-plated plaques that were removed
      as well.

      The 'authenticity wonk' in me wants to totally undo all the work I've
      done so far... and I think I might give in....
      (I blame Mistress Irene Le Noir, EK Laurel-Costuming. She's my
      mistress. She's making me obsessive.... ;) And she'd laugh to hear

      Well see, my mistress got me that way, I am afraid -- obsessive, though not
      quite an "authenticity wonk". But I supect that is how she likes it. Laurels,
      you know...

      Dang. ;) The set gems - set into the fabric, or some sort of metallic
      Metallic settings attached to fabric, though in my Novgorod kokoshnik I
      couldn't find the right cab settings and just "set" gems with pearls. See the
      image of a religeos item (sulok) in "Liudmila's book finds" at the list website.
      It is dated rather late, but the dates refer to the time when it appears on
      monastery's record, not the date of production. That piece has both set gems
      and beads sewn on without settings, as well as gives an idea of what pearls
      looked like. It is similar to earlier dated works which don't show all this in
      one picture.

      > How large are the pearls you plan to use?
      >They're 5mm round fakes, bought at a Joanne's because I expected to
      >need a lot, and they're cheap.

      In general, when you expect you'll need a lot, try to go for freshwater
      pearls from FireMountain or gem shows. They can be had for near a dollar for 16'
      strand if you buy in bulk (25 strands or so). I started with fake pearls, and
      realized that there is no way I should be putting all this effort into
      something that won't have the right weight, texture, and look. This embroidery
      takes many, many hours, and gives you sore fingers, you'll see.


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