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'dak's starter Russian garb packet

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  • Tim Nalley
    Greetings Fellow SIG members: I used to do this all the time but mundania intervened in a massive way until recently. I used to provide a complete starter
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 10, 2004
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      Greetings Fellow SIG members:
      I used to do this all the time but mundania
      intervened in a massive way until recently. I used to
      provide a complete starter packet free of charge on
      demand but temporary poverty interrupted my project.
      However, if you would like one, read on.

      Sure. Send me the SAS manila envelope slightly larger
      than letter sized (+ 8.5 X 11) with postage between
      1.80-2.00. I'll get the copying cost but postage adds
      up. This offer is for all interested parties, under
      these terms. For those who will be at Pennsic, I'm
      teaching two classes on Russian Costuming in the Time
      of Ivan the Terrible, 8/15 4pm AS4 & 8/16 2pm
      Send to :
      Tim Nalley
      2089 Iuka Avenue
      Columbus, Ohio 43201
      --- Krista Barber wrote:
      > 'dak,
      > Would your offer to send out your beginning
      > Russian costume info to this gentle extend to others
      > on the list, as well? I would love to see what you
      > have to offer. I'd be willing to send a SASE if you
      > could tell me how large and how much postage to add
      > - I live in San Jose, CA.
      > Thanks,
      > Aelia
      > Tim Nalley wrote:
      > Strasvytzha from the Midrealm, a mythical place in
      > the larger Slavic World that we all live in!
      > My name is Mordak Timofeivich Rostovskogo ('dak)
      > and that's my period your talking about and my
      > specialty, Russian costuming. There are several
      > levels
      > you can do, from peasant up to Boiar/Boiaryniia but
      > most start off simple. as you've found out,
      > information is currrently "thin on the ground",
      > however, if you will send me you're address, I'll
      > send
      > you my starter Russian costuming packet, which I
      > have
      > done gladly for most of the other interested
      > members.
      > Until then, Predslava has an excellent site on
      > the
      > Russian Knowledge pages of the SIG website as does
      > Sofya de Rus. Soraya and her apprentice, Luidmilla,
      > make trullyexquisite hats, with how to links on the
      > web, and several of tyhe other members have do
      > oustanding work and written articles in SLOVO about
      > it. There are many, many excellent costumer in SIG
      > currently so don't be shy to contact folks, we all
      > share information freely and for free in most cases.
      > I
      > think that's on of SIG's very bwst customs and sets
      > us
      > apat fom many other groups.
      > I can't speak for anyone else, but what are the
      > Irish SCA groups like? More specifically, what's it
      > like being a slavic psona in Ireland? I'm very
      > curious
      > but I'll definitely understand if you don't feel
      > comfortable answering.
      > 'dak

      --- Marina Olganova de Thoting Gravenel
      <marinaolganova@...> wrote:
      > Sdratsvootsye! Meenya zavoot Pomestnitsa Marina
      > Olganova vlyeThoting
      > Gravenel.
      > Myself and my lord, Pomestnik Ivan Ivanovich
      > vlyeKiev live in
      > Insulae Draconis, in the Kingdom of Drachenwald
      > (m.Ireland, Europe)
      > and we're trying to develop more garb. But I'm not
      > finding a lot of
      > good stuff online for our period, which btw is
      > 1540s-1550s.
      > What we've been doing so far is focussing on our
      > Tudor outfits (my
      > persona's mother, though bearing me in Russia, came
      > from England and
      > now I'm back in the land of her birth to look up her
      > old friends
      > and, more importantly, her old enemies). But I
      > really do want to
      > start working on more Slavic looks.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated, and photos
      > afterwards shared!
      > Spaseeba
      > Marinka

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