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  • Salli J. Weston
    Kythe wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
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      Kythe wrote:
      <I'd be curious what Vlad used for the wings. I've been thinking
      <about doing the same kind of outfit but Rattan seems to be not really
      <maleable enough.

      Wood, I think it was oak but both of them came out of an 8' 2x12. They
      were a little beefy, but a 1x would have been too thin, so he's going to
      have the lumber planed down so it's actually 1" rather that 1" dimensional
      lumber. We would also paint them before adding the felt, because the wood
      peeks through in couple of places and would be less obvious if it had been
      painted the color of the felt.

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