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  • dobrowol@if.uj.edu.pl
    In the tourist brochures published in English in Poland there is a distinc= tion made between family and noble family . The 1st refers to casual relatives
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 15, 2004
      In the tourist brochures published in English in Poland there is a distinc=
      tion made
      between 'family' and 'noble family'. The 1st refers to casual relatives be=
      aring some
      common surename like Kowal, Jankowski, whereas the 2nd signifies social c=
      lass -
      such a family mentioned in a text describing history of a region had the r=
      ight to bear a
      certain herald and some legal privileges along with land, households, str=
      ongholds and
      property of other sort used to apply.e.g Odrowaz, Koniecpolski, have'Odro=
      wa=BF' herald
      on their standard and numbers of other noble families also have the right =
      to use
      Odrawa=BF. Of course, not all persons bearing certain surename can testify=
      that a herald
      or precious family goods like piece of jewelery signed with certain herald=
      motif used to
      or are the property of this family branch. To prove his or her nobility a =
      person should
      search through testimonies of birth of his probable grand-ancestors who us=
      ed to live in
      some area for centuries and if this genealogical research proves to be
      successful(matches with some of his or her parents) and the searcher manag=
      es to
      complete these documents, then he or she is free to contact a herald organ=
      ization to
      apply for a proper certicate of authenticity. Otherwise, bearing an existi=
      ng herald with no
      proof of ownership is illegal and a legal owner of this herald can accuse =
      he other person
      of theft at the Polish court. Anyway, being born in a noble family contemp=
      orarily is just a
      fact and Polish democracy does not privilege individuals with any convenie=
      nce neither
      economical, social nor political as it used to be centuries ago. Owning a =
      noble family
      seal is rather an interesting fact than a helpful argument in modern socia=
      l life, business
      and politics.

      Wojciech from Cracovia
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