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Re: [sig] Re: A beginner's question; the name Tymczyszyn

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  • Tracy Kremer
    Bigmakusa , thank you _sooo_ much! For your pleasure, I will write down my reactions to your post as I read it; ... Ooooo, wow! ... OOOOooooooo, WOW! ...
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 15, 2004
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      "Bigmakusa", thank you _sooo_ much!

      For your pleasure, I will write down my reactions to
      your post as I read it;

      > You might want to start with Kazimierz Rymut's
      > Dictionary of Surnames.....

      Ooooo, wow!

      > You can find a
      > link to it on the Polish Genealogical Society
      > website, www.pgsa.org,

      OOOOooooooo, WOW!

      > there is an address
      > for a Polish institute that will research the
      > history of a name to
      > tell you its origin for a nominal fee (usually about
      > $20). This group
      > understands and will reply in English.

      Oooo, wow!

      > If you know the town name in Poland where your
      > ancestor resided, you
      > can probably find out more about it in the Slownik
      > Geograficzyny
      > Krolestwa Polskiego,

      (I'll be getting that town's name this week, by the
      way; I'm driving up to Buffalo, where relatives

      a geographical dictionary that
      > describes towns in
      > Poland. It was published in the 1880's through 1902,
      > so it predates
      > WWII.

      Ooooo, wow!

      The problem is that all the entries are in
      > Polish, so you will
      > need to translate the information.


      > Good hunting

      (this was a laughter of pleasure)

      Anyway, thank you so much, makusa, for bringing my
      search back into motion! (I was stalled due to not
      knowing where to look any further).

      Eluned aka Tracy


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