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Re: [sig] What's a few centuries between friends?

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  • Susan Koziel
    Not Polish but Russian use of a similar name From http://www.sca.org/heraldry/paul/e-f.html Ekaterina (f) -- clean. -Ekaterina. 1533. [Nov 561] Dims: Kata.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2004
      Not Polish but Russian use of a similar name
      From http://www.sca.org/heraldry/paul/e-f.html

      Ekaterina (f) -- "clean."
      -Ekaterina. 1533. [Nov 561]
      Dims: Kata. 1088. [Mor 98]
      -Katerinka (Katerinka Iakovleva doch'
      Proniakina). 1538-9. [RIB II 772]
      -Katrusha. 1455. [Mor 98]
      -Katunia. 1585. [Mor 98]
      Vars: Katerina (Katerina Vsevolozha). 1108. [Lav
      -Kat'ryna. c1200. [Mor 98]
      Met Vars: Katiushin [from Katiusha] (Danilko
      Katiushin, peasant). 1539. [Tup 24]

      I argued my varient based on the sound of the name &
      how you'd spell it in Cyrillic. (Tho I guess in
      Polish, which uses the same alphabet the argument may
      not stand up to heraldic scruitiny).
      I used my grandmothers cyrillic name (Kat'ryna) which
      was spelled based on how the name sounds as Kataryna
      (Or at least her customs papers from the early 1900's
      spelled it that way). ;)
      In my case it was accepted as a varient of Kat'ryna.

      I guess it depends on how sticky you want to be with
      the date of your name matching your persona.

      --- Efellai of Moire <efellai@...> wrote:
      > Hey all! You were so helpful last time, I couldn't
      > resist pestering
      > you again, especially since I've gone through most
      > of my resources.
      > It was confirmed previously that the name Katarzyna
      > was period for
      > when I was considering setting a persona--1525. I
      > was very happy--I
      > love the name, and the nickname (Kasia), and have
      > been introduced
      > several times by that name already.
      > But then I discovered the relative difficulty of
      > making clothing of
      > that period on a student budget. I've found another
      > period that I
      > favor that offers some interesting historical
      > happenings and garb
      > that's a wee bit easier to make, but it's *winces*
      > way back. Way,
      > way back. So...
      > Was Katarzyna a valid name for a part-Polish persona
      > in the late
      > tenth century? I know that Catherine predates that
      > period by quite a
      > bit, but I'm not sure if it made it over to Poland
      > or not, and
      > whether it took that form immediately. If there is
      > anyone who would
      > better be able to answer my question, please let me
      > know!
      > Thanks!
      > Marika Wojciechowski
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