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Re: [sig] Late Period Polish Surnames

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  • P&MSulisz
    Droga (Dear) Pani/Panno (Mrs/Miss) Katarzyno! You can safely use the name Katarzyna Wojciechowska as your period SCA name if you want it. Name Katarzyna is
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      Droga (Dear) Pani/Panno (Mrs/Miss) Katarzyno!
      You can safely use the name 'Katarzyna Wojciechowska' as your period SCA
      name if you want it. Name 'Katarzyna' is well documented in sources (even in
      the poetry) of this period. Surname 'Wojciechowska' derivates from the name
      'Wojciech' (Adalbertus), and indicates your affiliation to the house of this
      'Wojciech'. It is the way the oldest polish surnames were created. I dont
      know the heraldic sign (is it correct in English?) of this family - to check
      it it is necessary to reach the one of the few polish nobles families
      registers (called 'herbarz'). The ending (-ski, -ska: in XVIc.) of your
      surname indicates nobility.
      Deminutive form of your first name is: Kasia, Kachna, Kasienka, Kachutka -
      all of them very old and mentioned in sources.
      Best greetings,
      Magdalena of Vratislavia

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      > Hi there!
      > I recently joined the SCA. My real name is /very/ Polish, and I'm
      > interested in playing a Polish persona from the tail end of the
      > Jagiellon era (1500-25 is where my interest lies). I have a given
      > name chosen for my persona--I recently went back to the town in
      > Michigan where my dad's family has stayed for generations, and found
      > that Katarzyna was my great-great grandmother's name. I was thrilled
      > to find out that it was more-or-less period, unless I'm
      > misinterpreting my online sources. However, I'm having a /terrible/
      > time finding a byname. The latest I've been able to find
      > documentation on any Polish byname is 1900, which is discouraging.
      > I did have one in mind. My mundane surname is Wojciechowski; I found
      > a similar-sounding (but much shorter) alternative in Wojno. Is there
      > any documentation of that name? Is there anywhere I could go for
      > books in English on Polish bynames? I'm not even sure what form they
      > were taking at that point. :/ More unfortunately, the language
      > stopped dead with my grandparents--none of their children speak
      > Polish, and beyond the authentic pronunciation of my name, I haven't
      > a clue either. :)
      > Thank you!
      > Marika Wojciechowski
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