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Re: [sig] Russian translation help, please

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  • Alex Grant [T]
    Yana, ... (from tonky - thin) ... structures (walls) ... (other text clipped by author)
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27 3:01 PM
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      Right off the top of my head:

      > ochel'e - some area on the head, near or on the forehead
      > tonchaishego - (tonchaishy) finest, most exquisite, as in exquisite taste
      (from tonky - thin)
      > drobnitsami - (drobnitsy) casemates or crenelations in defensive
      structures (walls)
      > bliashkami - (bliakhi) buckles on uniforms, on clothing

      (other text clipped by author)
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