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Twenty C12th-17th Czech male names

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  • Alastair Millar
    Just a heads up on some Czech names that can be documented for several centuries, i.e. are not known only from isolated instances. This is a very small extract
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      Just a heads up on some Czech names that can be documented for several
      centuries, i.e. are not known only from isolated instances. This is a very
      small extract from the list of Czech names that I am still compiling and
      will eventually put online. I have chosen some of the more "unusual" names,
      so as to give people choice beyond the usual Jan, Pavel, Petr etc.

      Note: in all of the following, a ' indicates that the preceding letter
      should be long, while a ^ indicates that the preceding letter should have a
      "hook" over it.

      Anyone wanting more details on where any of these names are documented,
      their English equivalents (if any) or whatever should contact me off list.

      Albert, Provost of Doksany, d.1175
      Albert Nac^epluk, held Rvenice, 1238
      Albert, provost at Litome^r^ice, ?1316-1321
      Albert ze Skalice, held Abrs^pach, fl.1359
      Albert z Hrbic, held Rumburk, fl.1403

      Artleb, held property at Malkovice pod Primdou, fl.1379
      Artleb Pavla't z Ols^an, co-held Velka' Str^elna in lein, 1552
      Artleb ze Lhoty, held Velká Str^elna in lein, 1554

      Benes^ z Benes^ova, fl.1162
      Benes^, vladyka at Pne^vany, 1239-42
      Benes^, held Doupov, 1281
      Benes^, held C^i'm, 1318
      Benes^, Provost of Doksany, d.1396
      Benes^ z Valds^teina, provost at Litome^r^ice, 1455-1485
      Benes^ Zodiak, involved in court dispute, 1502

      Bleh z Tr^ebus^ova, governor at Litome^r^ice, 1176-1183
      Bleh, b.late C.14th, Hetman of the Ta'bor Brotherhood
      Bleh, vladyka of Bi'tovany, fl.1448

      Bohuslav, seated at Olbramov, 1237
      Bohuslav z Li's^t^an, fl.1269
      Bohuslav, held Rvenice, 1281
      Bohuslav z Boru, chamberlain at Plzenec, fl.1264-91
      Bohuslav, held Mi'rkovice, 1363-d.1393
      Bohuslav ze S^vamberka, later hetman of Tábor, at Bor, 1408
      Bohuslav Obytecky'ch z Obytec, fl.1484
      Bohuslav, abbot of Plasy, 1541
      Bohuslav Bi'lejovsky', native of Mali'n, d.1555;

      Ctibor, Burgrave of Vever^i', 1234
      Ctibor z Chlebova, servant, fl.1267
      Ctibor, vladyka at Koz^li' castle, 1318
      Ctibor Pluh z Rabs^tejna, Provincial Commander of the Teutonic Knights, 1341
      Ctibor z Hr^ebce, vladyka, fl.1381
      Ctibor, held Da'blice, 1406
      Ctibor z Kozi'ho, miller, 1480
      Ctibor ml. U'draz^sky' z Kestr^an, seated at Be^lec^ u Prachatic, 1620.

      C^ene^k z Li'py, fl.1290-1326
      C^ene^k z Ne^mc^ic, sold Vs^etrapy, c.1340's
      C^ene^k ze S^elmberku, fl.1359
      C^ene^k, seated at Pas^ine^vice, fl.1380
      C^ene^k, seated at Malme^r^ice, fl.1412
      C^ene^k z Pots^teina, came into possession of Kys^perk 1568

      De^polt, executioner at Plzenec, 1213
      De^polt z Mar^i'z^e, fl.1353
      De^polt z Libz^e, fl. 1388
      De^polt z Ryz^emberka, provost of Doksany, d.1461
      De^polt z Lobkovic, fl.1508

      Hanus^, held Ratibor^, 1375
      Hanus^ Otlinger, held Chr^enovice castle, fl. 1414
      Hanus^ z Nostic, held the village of Ruda, 1530
      Hanus^ S^trobl, maker of astronomical instruments,
      became a burgher of the Prague Old Town, 1559.

      Havel z Lemberka, obtained Kladsko, fl.1253
      Havel z Malesic, vladyka of Blahousty, 1318
      Havel, provost of Nicov, fl.1365
      Havel, miller at Boroti'n, fl.1609

      Jetr^ich, abbot of Kla's^ter Hradis^te nad Jizerou, 1184-86
      Jetr^ich (Theodericus) de Grassow, held Kras^ov, 1232
      Jetr^ich S^pacman, received Velky' Bor from the king, 1283
      Jetr^ich, provost of Doksany, d.1352
      Jetr^ich Z^d^a'rský ze Z^daru, held Doupov, 1468
      Jetr^ich, seated at Lipovice manor, fl.1556

      Jos^t, margrave of Moravia, fl.1397
      Jos^t Fremda'r z Pruku, held Rtis^ovice, fl.1419
      Jos^t, Grand Prior of the Knights Hospitaller at Br^ezine^ves, 1461
      Jos^t z Roz^emberka, fl.1533-37.

      Kunes^, vladyka at Ls^te^ni', 1376
      Kunes^, vladyka of Velke' Her^manice, fl.1391
      Kunes^ z Beztahova, c.1450
      Kunes^ Bohdanecky' z Hodkova, sold Bahno u Kutne' Hory, c.1530
      Kunes^ z Kraselova, d.1562

      Lev, held Da'blice, 1344
      Lev, holder of Chr^enovice castle, 1376-1390
      Lev Burjan Berka z Dube', vladkyka of Rosice Vladycke', fl.1611

      Markvart, seated at Pobipsy, 1328
      Markvart, vladyka of Malkovice u Prc^ice, fl.1360
      Markvart z Jer^ic, owned Roudnice u Nechanic, 1400
      Markvart z Kozi'ho, miller, fl.1480
      Markvart Hr^ebena'r^ z Hr^ebene, obtained Mostky, 1547

      Nemoj Vrs^ovec, major landowner, fl.1100-1107
      Nemoj, burgrave of Netolice, 1167
      Nemoj, abbot of Kla's^ter Hradis^te nad Jizerou, 1401-1410

      Pardus, chamberlain at Olomouc, fl.1249
      Pardus, provost at Stara' Boleslav, 1276-1298
      Pardus ze Kbel, fl.1354
      Pardus ze Kbel, held Lipovec u Žleb, fl. 1401

      Racek z Boru, fl. 1290
      Racek z Be^le', fl.1372
      Racek z Honcovic, held Kozolupy, 1423-31
      Racek Chlevce z Mala^ina, seated at Bezde^kov u Klatov, fl.1450
      Racek z Pne^van, sold Bojec^nice, 1473

      Sezema, burgrave at Plzenec, 1175-6
      Sezema, burgrave/executioner at Boleslav nad Jizerou, 1226
      Sezema z Roz^mita'la, gave half of estate to archbishopric, 1340
      Sezema, held Dalkovice, 1391-d.1400
      Sezema z Chote^mic, held Bli'z^ejov, 1406-23
      Sezema Mir^kovec ze Stropc^ic, fl.1576

      Zavis^e, burgrave/executioner at Boleslav nad Jizerou, 1183
      Zavis^e z Rac^ine^vsi, provost at Stara' Boleslav, 1358-62
      Zavis^e ze Sekyr^ic, vladyka at Be^runice, d.1463



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      Translation & Consultancy for the Heritage Industry
      P.O. Box 11, CZ 413 01 Roudnice, Czech Republic
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