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RE: [sig] Works of Max Tilke

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  • Colleen McDonald
    Pani Alzbeta writes:
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 22, 2003
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      Pani Alzbeta writes:
      <<Has anyone ever seen "The Costumes of Eastern Europe" or "Folk
      Costumes from East Europe, Africa, and Asia" by Max Tilke? I was
      considering buying one of these for information on Polish garb, but I
      can't find anything recommending for or against these books.>>

      A review of another Max Tilke work,_Oriental Costumes: Their Design and Colors_, written by Marquesa Laurellen de Brandevin (Tammie Dupuis) is located at http://www.vertetsable.com/errata_bookreviews.htm.

      You may also want to get the books via ILL before spending that kind of money. _Folk Costumes_ is currently selling for $55 and _The Costumes of Eastern Europe_ is $160 (www.bookfinder.com).

      I seem to recall that there are not many pages of Polish clothing in _The Costumes of Eastern Europe_. Not enough for me to justify that kind of money. YMMV.

      In service, I remain

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