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Fwd: Drachenwald Crown Tourney March 2004.

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  • jennifer knox
    its in estonia! remember this is for 2004 so everyone has plenty of time to plan...:-) (2003 Crown tourney is in holland, incidentally) anya Julia Christie
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2003
      its in estonia! remember this is for 2004 so everyone has plenty of time to plan...:-) (2003 Crown tourney is in holland, incidentally)


      Julia Christie Amor <julike@...> wrote:
      Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 18:04:37 +0300
      From: Julia Christie Amor
      Subject: Drachenwald Crown Tourney March 2004.
      To: DW-L@...

      Unto the gentle populace of Drachenwald does Lady Yrmegard Rosenthal send
      her greetings.

      I am happy to invite you to the next Drachenwald Crown Tourney in medieval
      Tallinn. Here is the information about the event.

      The site will open on 2004, March 19 at 6PM and will close on March 21 at
      11AM. It is the Non-Classical Highschool (Estonia pst 6) in downtown Tallinn
      that has previuosly hosted Kingdom University (November 2001) and University
      of New Paris (January 2003). It is roughly a 30 EEK (2 euros) cab ride from
      the ferry port to the site. We will arrange pickup and delivery for people
      who fly into/out of Tallinn.

      At the school we have access to a numerous rooms, that can be used for
      sleeping and classes, and a large music room which has a wooden floor and
      will be perfect for court and socializing/open peerage meetings. The school
      has a big soccer field that can be used for fighting and it is right near
      the building.

      The site fee is 150 EEK (10 euros) for SCA members, 195 EEK (13 euros) for
      non-members. And there is a late fee of 60 EEK (4 euros) for reservations
      after February 15, 2004.

      There are nearby hotels for people who want to sleep in comfort. A hotel
      package will cost (including the ferry from Helsinki) about 95 euros per
      person - perhaps less as we can't get the winter prices yet. This will
      include breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as well.

      The school will provide meals on a per head basis of 120EEK (8 euros). This
      is a package per head, for dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday and
      Sunday, and lunch Saturday.

      The feast Saturday night will be held at Olde Hansa. This will be a catered
      feast on the 3rd floor, with the 3rd floor reserved only for us from 9 PM to
      1 AM. The feast will contain sufficient food for vegetarians. The cost will
      be 310 crowns (20 euros) per person, not including drinks, everyone will
      need to buy their own drinks - they cannot bring alcohol into the restaurant
      (the price of an average glass of beer at the restaurant is only 40 EEK
      (2.75 euros)). Children 6-12 half price, under 6 free. The feast will be
      limited to 150 people. However, there are plenty of cheap restaurants in
      the area, and we will be providing a list of those for people who do not
      wish the feast at Olde Hansa or do not get it.

      Olde Hansa is about a 10 minute walk from the school. While we cannot take
      everyone back and forth, we will be able to take the people for whom the
      walk will be a hardship.

      Both Olde Hansa and the school provide feast gear so there is no need to
      bring feast gear, which will make things easier for those flying. What one
      needs to bring is soft shoes not used outside for entering the big hall that
      has very fine wooden floor.

      Please do take into consideration that the site is dry but we will provide
      a list of nearby pubs and bars.

      The Barony of Aarnimetsa is sponsoring the event, and will take
      pre-registrations through their giro account. So for people from Aarnimetsa
      the only valid registration is a paid registration.Others may pay at the

      Mistress Jaelle has agreed to provide crash space for those arriving to
      Helsinki the day before and/or the day after and to coordinate their trip
      Helsinki and Tallinn. For additional information please contact her at

      Virtually everyone in Drachenwald will not need a visa to visit Estonia. No
      one with an EU passport, USA passport, or UK. However, anyone with a South
      African passport or Canadian one will need a visa (people with passports
      from countries not listed should check with the embassy). However, these
      visas are normally not difficult to get.

      For any other information feel free to contact the autocrat:

      Lady Yrmegard Rosenthal
      Julia Amor
      Linnamae tee 11-169
      Tallinn 13912 Estonia
      +372 55 75 789

      Yours in service,

      Yrmegard Rosenthal
      Historia est magistra vitae


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