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OT: Fw: Sorbs ask the Pope for help

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  • Alastair Millar
    Two in one week! Normally it s about one every two months... which may explain the poorer English this time around. Alastair [quote] ... Od: Robert Brytan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
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      Two in one week! Normally it's about one every two months... which may
      explain the poorer English this time around.



      -----Původní zpráva-----
      Od: Robert Brytan <rbsorb@...>
      Datum: 03 July 2003 09:20
      Předmět: Sorbs ask the Pope for help

      Domowina sends a letter to Pope John Paul II:


      Bautzen/Panschwitz-Kuckau. Domowina turned to Pope John Paul II with a
      plea for help to preserve the Sorbian middle school "Jurij Chezka" in
      Crostwitz, as well as all other Sorbian schools. "We are asking you Holy
      Father for your support to preserve our small nation living in the Federal
      Republic of Germany", reads in the letter to the Pope signed by Jan Nuk,
      which dr. Petr Brezan presented to archbishop Giovanni Lajole yesterday,
      during festivities in the shelter for handicapped people in

      In a letter the President of Domowina - Sorbian umbrella organization,
      informs the Holy Father that the Saxon Ministry of Culture will definitely
      close the school as of July 31, 2003 due to a low enrollment rate; "school
      of the village which you personally visited 30 years ago". Spokeswoman for
      the Sorbs expressed that the decision of the Saxon Government is a
      violation of European minority laws and a loose interpretation of
      constitutional regulations in Saxony.

      With this decision says Jan Nuk in a letter "Saxony interferes in a
      historical school network of the remaining and most vital Sorbian speaking
      areas. Further he writes "The wish of Sorbs to preserve their small and
      very sensitive school network is not heard by the government."

      At the same time the president of Domowina expresses his gratitude to the
      Pope "For his fatherly concern for the Sorbs, demonstrated each Christmas
      and Easter in Rome during Urbi et Orbi, greeting the Sorbs in front of the
      entire world."

      SERBSKE NOWINY (Sorbian News) 02.07.2003

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